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Alyssa Jirrels (born August 13, 2001) is an actor, who's known for her role as Chai in Girl Meets World.

She currently plays Veracity on Mech-X4.


Alyssa Jirrels was born August 13, 2001. She is most recognizable for her role in Girl Meets World (2017) and many commercials. In season two, she will join the main cast as the first girl as on the MECH X4 team.


  • She's a friend of singer Bryana Salaz, who also had a recurring role on a Disney Channel show, Best Friends Whenever, as Princess Daisy Grundenwald.
  • She is the third actor/actress in the series to have previously appeared in Girl Meets World, after Nathaniel Potvin and Kamran Lucas.
  • She has been seeing Hayden Byerly from The Fosters (2013--present).

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