• Emmanuelmtefura


    March 8, 2018 by Emmanuelmtefura

    What will happen to Mech~X4 now its destroyed.

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  • BLK-BX

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  • Susz13


    May 17, 2017 by Susz13

    I am no longer posting chapters on here. You can check out the rest of the chapters on Fanfiction. Net (username is Brentinator) or Wattpad (username is Susz13)

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  • Susz13

    The medic of Mech-X4 9

    April 19, 2017 by Susz13

    "Get in!" Jamie yelled as Ryan lifted his arm up, using his technopathy to make the robot step on the four of them as they were shot up the elevator into the control area.

    "Spyder?! Where is he?!" Jamie demanded since the boy was nowhere to be seen as Ryan got connected.

    "He probably is just sleeping downstairs. We HAVE to get out of here." He told them before Mark looked out the front.

    "What is that?" He asked, pointing out the front as Ryan brought down a magnifier to see a masked figure holding onto a beat up Spyder.

    "SPYDER!" Jamie yelled as Mark embraced her in a hug.

    "That's the person who I fought in Seth's lab." Ryan realised as the person yelled.

    "Hey! If you don't get out of that stupid robot and surrender-" they paused to pull out her…

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  • Susz13

    The medic of Mech-X4 8

    April 18, 2017 by Susz13

    Hey guys! The new episode inspired me to write this, so I hope you like it! Also, I heard somewhere that Spyder's real name is Connor, so I'm just going with that.

    And now, on with the story!

    Chapter 8.

    "And, we're here. I think. We were trying to get to the Bay City mine, right?" Spyder asked as Jamie stood up, peering outside the head, nodding.

    "We'll just hide the robot and I'll go find the boys." She told him as he looked at her in shock while she manned the controls.

    "I'm helping you, Jamie."

    "No, you're gonna stay here, and come get us if we're not back in half a hour. You're injured, Spyder, and I don't want you to get hurt again. As your girlfriend and your doctor, you will stay here and not follow me. Understand?" Jamie asked as Spyder …

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  • Chase McFly

    New Wiki

    March 12, 2017 by Chase McFly

    Check out this new wiki I made for Weaponry12! It's pretty cool.

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  • ScottStephenJones

    H! I'm so excited about being on this wiki! Mech-X4 is one of my favorite shows and I am still disappointed the hiatus is still going on because I really want new episodes. I accept no inappropriate content and if you do disrespect and bully me I will report you because everyone should be treated the way they want to.

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  • TheNinja811


    December 31, 2016 by TheNinja811

    It's New Years's eve in 5 minutes!

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  • Susz13

    The medic of Mech-X4 7

    December 14, 2016 by Susz13

    Here it is guys!

    One question though. Has anyone else noticed I've been writing a LOT of kidnappings lately?

    And now, on with the story!

    Chapter 7

    Jamie fought to stay awake. She couldn't pass out now. She had to save the boys. She continued walking to the abandoned mine just as she saw Spyder come in.

    "Jamie?! What are you doing?!"

    "The boys got captured. I'm. Gonna. Find. Them." She whimpered as she started swaying.

    "Are you insane? You haven't mastered your technopathy yet, and I don't want you to get hurt." He insisted as she turned around and he disconnected her, leading him over to his chair before sitting in Harris's.

    "What are you doing?"

    "Mark installed controls in case something happened to Ryan and we had to fight a monster. And while I'…

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  • Susz13

    The medic of Mech-X4 6

    December 4, 2016 by Susz13

    Chapter 6.The three boys got in Mark's car as he parked a few blocks away from the mine where there were several men, including a tall one with scars on his right eye as Harris whispered in realization."I recognise him. He's been coming to the school a lot.""That must mean the person who took the monster heart is at the school!" Ryan whispered as the man got on a four wheeler."Let's go!" Harris insisted as the three boys started running before Mark and Harris both yelled while two guys grabbed them, making Ryan turn around in fright as Mark yelled."Keep going, Ryan!"Ryan nodded as he ran as fast as his legs could take him while people yelled behind him. However, a little while afterwards, his head pounded, sweat dripped down off his face o…

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  • Susz13

    The Medic of Mech-X4 chapter 5

    November 23, 2016 by Susz13

    I hope you guys like this chapter and I wanna say thank you for the good response on this!

    "And that would be..." His older brother, Mark, drifted off.

    "I think the real question is, what was that?" Jamie asked as she had Ryan sit down.

    "Remember when we found out Mech-X4 and I got" Ryan asked Harris as he nodded before continuing. "I just got another one. You know that abandoned mine outside of Bay City? I think that's where these monsters are being created."

    "Well, how do you know it wasn't just like glitch? Not to mention, we have no offense due to Spyder being injured." Jamie retorted.

    "Relax Jamie, we have you."

    "Who "you"? Me "you"?" She asked.

    "Yes, you." Harris replied as he typed something in his tablet. "We'l…

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  • Susz13

    Medic for Mech-X4 4

    November 19, 2016 by Susz13

    Hey guys! I'm doing a Q and A, so if you have any qquestions you wanna ask, let me know!Jamie fluttered her eyes open and noticed she was laying on the ground with Harris looking down at her while she reached her hand up and Harris helped her stand."What happened?" She asked as Harris told her."You passed out for awhile. Ryan and Spyder are both in the infirmary and Mark is trying to fix up the robot. Are you ok?""Yeah. I'm good." Jamie insisted as the last of her dizziness induced headache fade before the two went to the infirmary where Ryan was sitting up, propped against the wall while Spyder was still laying down, unconscious.Jamie sat down at the feet of Ryan's spot before asking."Are you feeling better?""Yeah I am. Mark has fixed up …

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  • Susz13

    Medic for Mech-X4 chapter 3

    November 17, 2016 by Susz13

    The five watched as they saw what looked like a scorpion, not only poisonous, but extremely fast and agile as well as well as a bat, which meant it was blind, but echolocation would help, not to mention, the giant wings attached to it's back as one of the large legs grabbed onto the robot's arm, as Ryan grunted before nudging it off as he yelled."Mark, be on guard! Harris, I need shields ASAP! Spyder, its time for the Scorpobat to meet it's match!""Yes! Time for it to taste a knuckle sandwich with a side of plasma punch!" Spyder yelled as he started to man the desk."Watch out Ryan, you don't wanna end up with it's poison in you." Mark warned as Harris turned on the shields, leading the Scorpobat to bounce off him and fall on the ground."Do…

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  • Susz13

    Medic for Mech-X4 chapter 2

    November 15, 2016 by Susz13

    Thanks for commenting guys! I hope this chapter is just as good!

    "Ok, where are we?" Jamie demanded as she held onto Spyder's shoulder for protection while the four boys led her to the abandoned ferry.

    "Our hangout." Spyder insisted.

    "All I see is tetanus. A lot of it. Probably some sort of deadly viruses as well."

    "Trust us, it gets better." Mark insisted.

    "Or maybe you are all INSANE."

    Spyder grabbed her hand as they went inside the ferry before Ryan made Mech-X4 step on them as Jamie screamed.

    "Where. Are. We?" She demanded as the elevator stopped.

    "Welcome to Mech-X4." Ryan smiled.

    "Is this the robot my grandparents told me about? The one who has been ATTACKING people? You four are attacking people?!" She yelled.

    "No. The media is taking it wron…

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  • Susz13

    Medic for Mech-X4 chapter 1

    November 14, 2016 by Susz13

    Warning, this story may get gory, so if you can't handle blood or injuries, do not read.

    "Guys!" Spyder yelled as he ran up to Ryan and Harris. "I've got a girlfriend."

    "Cassie?" Ryan guessed as Spyder shook his head before a girl with auburn hair and green eyes walked up before he put his arm around her. "Meet Jamie."

    Jamie smiled as Ryan politely waved awkwardly before grabbing Spyder and dragging him away.

    "You had better not tell her about Mech-X4. She'll freak otherwise."

    "Not to mention, put everyone in danger." Harris added.

    "Relax guys, she just moved her from Canada, so she had no idea about Mech-X4. I promise. And I won't tell her, no matter how much it will impress her."

    "Ok then." Ryan agreed as they turned around to see that she was …

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  • Susz13

    Hey guys! Wanna write Mech X4 fanfiction? Let's get a page on! It's easy! Simply email the fanfiction staff with the requirements to get a new show! It's super easy and I've got a category for a show in the past, so let's do it again!

    1. MechX4ForFanfiction
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  • Water8833

    I think Mech-x4 is amazing i think everyone is gonna love it

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  • Living In Fandom

    Hey guys. It's my first blog here. Even though the wikia isn't that active yet, I still wanna ask this question. What are you guys most excited for in this new series? The characters? The action? I was just wondering why people are gonna tune in to the show.

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  • Stardust16

    First Blog

    February 20, 2016 by Stardust16

    Wow, I am super excited to be here on the wiki! I still can't believe this is going to be an official show! The plot sounds really cool and I'm looking forward to seeing the premiere episode and all of the characters! Even though the show hasn't aired yet, my favourite character is Spyder. He sounds like a god character. Anyway, I'm thrilled to be here on this wiki!

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    February 19, 2016 by ZoomDust16
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    February 15, 2016 by LabRatsFanDK

    Hey Wikian

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