The Bounce Belt is a personal force field device mostly used by Spyder.


The Bounce Belt was presumably created by Leo Mendel along with the Gravity Pucks. They were stashed in a secret compartment of Mech-X4. The belt creates hexagonal energy shield with an X in the middle when it's active. The belt can protect the user against attack in a similar way like Mech X4's shields. The shield is only deployed when a moving target almost hits the user.

It reflects 'bounces' incoming projectiles or people with little effect on the user. It can also protect the user against serious falls or injuries. Such as when Spyder fell down an open shaft in Mech x4, luckily the belt protected him and he hardly felt the fall. It can however be broken if it experiences extreme amounts of force. This is shown when Davage knocks Mark back into a wall and the belt breaks.

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