If I don't make it back, tell Mark... He's awesome.

Dane is a recurring character on Mech-X4. He is portrayed by Rohan Campbell.


Dane is a member of varsity and as of such, wears a similar jacket to his friend Mark Walker. He was also shown to be a member of the basketball team in Let's Deal with Our Stuff!. He has also been shown not to be the brightest and not as popular as his friend, Mark.

Let's Call It MECH-X4!

Dane was with Mark and is shown to be a varsity and he is shown to be athletic because he's in the basketball team and etc. In Let's Be Idiots!, Mark called Dane on the phone whether he got tickets for Rats$z, but he doesn't have tickets. In Let's Deal with Our Stuff!, Dane was with Mark when he was showing his basketball skills to the teacher. He was later seen in the game playing the big game.

Let's Go Clubbing!

Dane claimed that the gym belonged to the varsities. He left with the other varsities to the fan club to claim it since the gym was being used for Harper Grant. Ryan and Spyder whilst inside Mech-X4 embarrassed Dane and made him tell the other varsities to leave the fan club. Ryan locked Dane into the drama storage room so he won't follow Ryan and Spyder. He got locked up since and wasn't let out by Ryan because he forgot to let him out.

Versus The New Evil

Dane was with Mark at East Bay City High. Wade, who is a varsity at East Bay City High, claimed that Mark was not a varsity. Dane got detention along with Ryan, Harris, Spyder and Mark. 

In Versus The Outbreak, Dane and Mark did tryouts for varsity. Dane and a student lost, but Mark and a different student got into the finals. When Dane overheard that Mark quit the team, Dane thought he did for him.

Versus The Monster Within!

When Harris - whilst controlled by Traeger - gets Mark a different activity instead of varsity, he makes Mark join Principal Dent's dance group. Dane and Mark win the tryouts.

Versus The Infected

Dane appears to be affected by Traeger's Red Bloom and was commanded to get Ryan, Spyder and Veracity.



Mark Walker

Mark and Dane are best friends. Dane calls Mark his 'bro' and the two of them are seen together in a lot of the school. They appear to be good friends.

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