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Harris Harris Jr. is a main character in Mech-X4. He is portrayed by Kamran Lucas.


One of two Ryan's life-long friends, the insanely intelligent Harris is in charge of the robots defense... manning shields in case of attack... AND to be Ryan's moral compass. Harris quickly learns how the robot works so he can create new defenses, help Ryan solve the mystery of his powers, and determine where the monsters are coming from. Don't be fooled by the bow ties and sweater vests—this is a kid who carries himself with swag and isn't afraid to get into a fight.


Harris is Ryan's friend and the smart one of the group. He is also very sensible, informative and has a good conscience, as shown in Let's Call It Mech-X4!, when he wanted to solve the mystery behind the giant 150-feet robot, rather than use it for fame and fortune.


Season 1

In Let's Call It Mech-X4!, Harris with Ryan and Spyder activates the power of Mech-X4 and use it to fight their first monster. Ryan, Spyder and Mark think that they should reveal they are the pilots of Mech-X4 so people won't be scared of Mech-X4 however Harris thinks they should solve who built it and what its purpose is. When Ryan, Spyder and Mark go meet Seth Harper to reveal their identity. Harris finds out that the Mech-X4 team are in danger if they reveal their identity. When the second monster attacks Mech-X4, Harris gets trapped by a garbage bin and monster ooze ends up on his face.

In Let's Get Some Air!, Harris starts acting different from the monster ooze Principal Grey sent them in the previous episode. Harris goes with Ryan, Spyder and Mark to go find the "monster heart" to get the ooze from it and cure Harris. When they bring back the monster heart, they see there is no ooze and it had dried out. When Ryan, Harris and Mark realize that the ooze came from a volcano, they set off and Harris' monster voice is activated and he starts destroying things inside MECH-X4. Davage destroys the volcano with MECH-X4 in it. MECH-X4 ends up stuck in a pit of ooze. Harris disappears. When he spotted Ryan, he jumped and attacked him. Mark electrified Harris and saved Ryan. When Spyder fixed the Arm Cannon, Mech-X4 jumps out of the pit of ooze. He then drank the antidote which changes him back to normal.

In Let's Open The Monster Heart!, Harris told Ryan and Spyder to stop playing with the Primorphous Core. When they carried on, the Primorphous Gel in it started glowing. Harris and Sypder were still trying to open the Primorphous Core but couldn't. Spyder and Harris then joined Ryan and Mark whilst they were testing out the repairs. Whilst they were arguing, the monster Davage planted was attacking Mech-X4. Ryan had to retreat due to the monster being too powerful. Harris makes a plan to go to Harper Futuristics to open up the monster heart to find out who is sending Mech-X4 monsters. Ryan, Harris and Spyder get caught by Seth and he orders them to leave. When Seth questions them about why they were in Harper Futuristics, they lied to Seth by saying they found the Primorphous Core and wanted to experiment it by themselves. Harris and Spyder leave Harper Futuristics while Ryan goes back for the Primorphous Core.

In Let's Be Idiots!, Harris was creating a new weapon for Ryan to use because Grey's monsters are getting more powerful. When Harris saw that Ryan had a lot on his mind, he advised him to relax and by doing skateboarding. Harris informed Ryan and Spyder that he created an app that can scan news feed for monsters and can send them an alert when the monster attacked. Ryan practiced his skateboarding in Mech-X4 and tried to do a trick, but failed. His skateboard hit a part of Mech-X4 and opened. Harris, Ryan and Spyder found a Bounce Belt and Gravity Pucks. Also, Harris showed them the new features he put in. Ryan got an idea to use the Gravity Pucks to help him win against Jimmy. When it was Ryan's turn, he used his power to move himself to later. They fought the monster and saved the citizens of Bay City. Unfortunately, the monster flew away. Harris, Ryan and Spyder returned and Harris reminded him again that he's cheating. Ryan haves flashbacks of the monsters he defeated and realized he didn't need to win. When Jimmy won and called them "dorks", Harris and Spyder wanted Ryan to use the Gravity Pucks to make the other skaters impress of Ryan, not Jimmy.

In Let's Survive in the Woods!, Harris, Ryan and Spyder were going camping. Harris and Spyder got scared about going camping because of The Butcher. Mark and Dane taunted them about the Butcher and now Harris and Spyder were even more scared. Later, they arrived at the woods. Park Ranger Jeff took their phones. Ryan insisted on getting the phones back. They tried to get their phones back, but Jeff caught them. Since Jeff took their phones, Harris, Ryan and Spyder don't know when a monster attacks Bay City. When they left Jeff's cabin, they see the Butcher, but it was Dane is a disguise. They wanted to get revenge on Dane and steal his phone. Harris got taken away by Jeff whilst they were planning. After Spyder and Ryan got captured, Jeff threatened to hurt them. They managed to escape using the radio with Ryan's Technopathy. They escaped, but Jeff was following them. Ryan defeated Jeff and they realize that somebody knows they're Mech-X4. Harris, Ryan and Spyder cycled to the Abandoned Ferry and saw that Jaguasaur was dragging Mech-X4.

In Let's Get Our Robot Back!, Harris, Ryan and Spyder go to Leo's caravan to find out whether they can track Mech-X4. They manage to locate it, but it went out of range. Harris suggested that they should go to Project Starry Night Headquarters because their satellites are strong. When they arrived, Harris found at there is a side door which led into their headquarters. They got inside, but Spyder stepped into a pressure plate which activated an alarm. They didn't get caught and managed to get into the control room. Ryan used his technopathy to position the satellite. They found Mech-X4's co-ordinate and found Mark dressed as a guard. When they got into Mech-X4, they used the missile to shoot everyone. They found at that Principal Grey has been sending them monsters. Grey sent them Jaguasaur. Ryan used the Plasma Punch to defeat the monster.

In Let's Get the Big Bad!, Harris, Spyder and Mark don't trust Grey coming onto Mech-X4, but Ryan convinced them why they should let her aboard Mech-X4. When Principal Grey was at Bay City High at night, Harris, Ryan, Spyder and Mark arrive to help her defeat Morris and the guards. Harris electrified himself whilst fighting the guards. The guards retreated. Harris, Ryan, Spyder, Mark and Principal Grey stole Morris' phone. Ryan de-encrypted the phone. Ryan called The Mastermind. Harris found his location through the call. Harris, Ryan, Spyder, Mark and Grey arrived at the location. Grey tricked them and she turned off Mech-X4. Ryan scanned her every 5 seconds and found at that she was planning to do that. They re-activate the power. At the same moment, Grey escaped and Ryan used the X-Weapon to finish off Clawboon. After they defeated Clawboon, they go and look for Grey. Ryan and Mark fought Grey and almost slipped into Clawboon's ooze. She couldn't hold on and she fell into the ooze. The next day, Harris and Spyder go to Donut King to get donuts while Ryan rest inside Mech-X4.

In Let's Deal with Our Stuff!, Harris and Spyder were talking with Ryan about not telling Mark that he's adopted due to him not wanting to ruin his chances. Harris double-checked the X-Weapon with Ryan and Spyder because he wanted to know if it drained anything. Harris was sitting with Ryan and Spyder at school and Harris and Spyder noticed that Ryan's technopathy started glitching. Harris, Ryan and Spyder left to go to Mech-x4. While in Mech-X4, Harris runs a scan on Ryan to check on his technopathy. Harris found out that nothing was wrong with him and figured out that it was about if Ryan told Mark he was adopted. Ryan disagreed and called his idea wrong. This frustrated Harris causing him to leave. Spyder followed him to check he was alright. During the game, Ryan's techno surge goes off and made Mark not score. Harris got an alert on his phone that there's a monster attack and they go with Mark to Mech-X4. Ryan couldn't control Mech-X4 as a result of his surge. Harris and Spyder advised them Ryan to tell Mark that he's adopted. Since Ryan told him, he was able to control the robot.

In Let's Get Some Answers!, Harris was analyzing Leo's note. He was also trying to get into Harper Grant. Spyder told Harris to do something daring so he can get into Harper Grant. Ryan came in and claimed that Mark had been acting strange. Harris got a match on who wrote the letter and it turned out to be Leo Mendel. He found the address and Mark drove them there. They entered inside and found Mech-X3. They entered inside Mech-X3 and saw drones about to attack them. Leo OS stopped attacking them when he realized that Ryan was a technopath. Mech-X3 was shut down by Leo OS. Drones come to attack Harris, Ryan, Spyder and Mark. Mark saved them by fending off the drones. Leo OS put Mech-X4 on lockdown and self-destruct. The drones came in and was about to shoot Harris, Spyder and Mark. Harris mapped Leo's coordinates and told Ryan, Spyder and Mark that he's at the bottom of the ocean.

In Let's Go Clubbing!, Harris was planning a machine that will get him into Harper Grant. Harris and Veracity's invention touched. Harris and Veracity got interrupted by Dane and claimed that the gym is for varsities only, they both made Dane leave the gym. Harris and Veracity realized that their inventions were going to cause the city to blow up. Harris and Veracity got their inventions outside and Mech-X4 threw it in the air and destroyed it. Harris asked Ryan to check on his phone whether he got accepted and turned out that Harris and Veracity both got accepted.

In Let's Get Leo!, Harris informed Ryan, Harris and Spyder that he added a sub mode and that he has Mech Links. At Harper Grant, Spyder visited Harris. He noticed that he's spending a lot of time at Harper Futuristics and not with Spyder. While they were arguing, Augie, Harris' lab partner, came in and Augie called him "bud". This made Spyder think that he liked working at Harper than in the robot. When Augie left, they were arguing and Harris disappeared using the Mech Link. Harris was still at Harper Grant whilst Ryan, Mark and Spyder were in Mech-X4. Harris was monitoring Mech-X4 and was leading Ryan through the water. Next, Harris' computer shut down. Augie reminded him that it was tech-free Tuesday. Seth checked on Harris' dorm and overheard Harris was doing something important. He offered to turn back the electricity, but Harris declined. Harris and the other people were on trampolines jumping their ideas out. Since Harris needed to get back to monitoring Mech-X4, he faked an injury so he can go back to his dorm. Harris connected onto Mech-X4 and saw that the robot was about to hit a mine. When Mech-X4 hit one of the mine, Ryan. Mark and Spyder pass out. , When they woke up, he alerted them they have 10 minutes left until they get squished by the pressure. Ryan went to get Leo. Harris and Mark talked about how to get the power of Mech-X4 back on and he talked about how Spyder was acting weird and about Ryan. Harris helped Mark fix Mech-X4. Since Ryan, Mark and Spyder realized that the Mastermind is Seth Harper, Harris was at Harper's.

In Let's Dig Deep!, Leo told Harris, Ryan, Mark and Spyder that their is a huge pocket of where Seth kept his Primorphous Gel. Harris tried the shapeshifting mode. At Harper Futuristics, Harris, Ryan, Mark and Spyder captured Seth and Harris and Spyder put him in a disguise. When Jessica was looking for him, Harris turned into Seth using the Mech Link. Harris had to leave because he got a text from Mark. Spyder changed into Seth and Harris went to Mark. Harris was about to remove the device from Seth's brain, but Ryan escaped from Seth's brain and stopped him. Harris, Ryan and Mark escaped and thought they saw Seth, but it was actually Spyder.

In Let's Destroy Some Ooze!, Harris, Ryan and Spyder were looking for the ooze that was below Bay City High. In Mech-X4, Harris told Ryan, Mark and Spyder how deep the ooze was and if Seth created a monster using that ooze would be the size of Bay City. Harris, Ryan, Mark and Spyder were going to plant the antidote, but Seth sent a monster to attack them and they lost the antidote. Harris put the monster on sonar and they injured it. Cassie and Godfrey were watching and the invisible monster moved which made Cassie and Godfrey think that Mech-X4 shot missiles at Bay City High. Grace went to Harper Futuristics and Ryan planned on getting her back. They went to Harper Futuristics and when they got there, the military was attacking Mech-X4. Ryan retreated and escaped because their shields were down and couldn't take anymore damage.

In Let's End This! Part One, Mech-X4 was dodging attacks from the military. Harris volunteered to go with Mark because he knows the layout of Harper Futuristics. Harris and Mark got pass the reception. They got captured and they witnessed that there was a bigger Primorphous Core than normal. Harris drank some of the ooze which turned him into a monster. He used it to fight the guards and Morris. Harris and Mark returned and told Ryan and Spyder that Seth built a huge monster heart. Ryan, Harris, Spyder and Mark realized that Seth was controlling the monster inside. Harris and Mark told Ryan and Spyder that Seth built a huge Primorphous Core missile and he was planning to use the core at the Primorphous Gel which was at the schol. They were going after the missile, but a monster stopped them. The monster was controlled by Seth.

In Let's End This! Part Two, Ryan tried to X-Weapon the monster with Seth in it but failed. Grace woke up and saw that Harris, Ryan, Mark and Spyder were the pilots of Mech-X4. She asked Harris, Spyder and Leo to leave. She ran out of Mech-X4 and went to the monster. Ryan called his team and Harris, Ryan, Mark, Spyder and Leo found out that a monster was in her brain which was why she was acting differently. The monster and Seth attacked them and took a critical hit. They left because they couldn't take another hit. Ryan made a plan. Whilst Ryan, Mark and Spyder were distracting Seth, Harris and Leo were repairing Mech-X4. Mark and Spyder joined Mech-X4. Ryan later joined and wanted to get the missile away from Bay City High. They threw the missile back at Seth which made the monster turn to ooze. Harris, Ryan, Mark and Spyder were on the head of Mech-X4. They were watching Cassie's latest video about Mech-X4.

Season 2

In Versus The New Evil, Ryan, Harris, Mark and Spyder found the monster that could turn invisible and they destroyed the monster. Ryan, Harris, Mark and Spyder were watching Godfrey talk about that Seth died. Harris told the others that tomorrow was the day of their new school. Ryan went to help other people so he would fit in at East Bay City High. Harris and Spyder were talking about if the principal is a villain or not. Spyder goes and followed him because he thought the principal was a villain. Harris found out that Veracity was at East Bay City High and also found out that Veracity had a government feed on her iPad. When Harris learned that they are moving the ooze from Bay City High, he told Ryan and Spyder. Harris was watching them fight until the principal stopped them. Harris got detention along with Ryan, Mark, Spyder and Dane. They left detention and got into Mech-X4. They were watching if things were going smoothly. Harris, Ryan, Mark and Spyder noticed that 1 truck wasn't following the others. They followed Grey into a warehouse. Harris, Ryan, Mark and Spyder left Mech-X4 to go find who was driving the truck. Harris, Ryan, Mark and Spyder found out that Grey was the driver and could turn into Clawboon.

In Versus The Deep, Ryan told Harris and Spyder the vision he got about the giant Primorphous Core Seth was going to use and a monster. Ryan, Mark and Spyder go to Harper Futuristics and Harris was going to call Leo to help him with the Mech Sub. Harris found Leo at the Ferry Hanger and Leo showed him the blueprints for the Mech Sub. Harris and Leo went to the Decommissioned Submarine Yard to find extra parts needed to build the Mech Sub. Harris and Leo get caught by security guards. Harris and Leo escaped by using one of the drones to attack the security guards. Harris and Leo got into the Mech Jet and attached to Mech-X4. Harris, Ryan, Mark and Spyder found the monster and Ryan used the drill to defeat the monster. Spyder destroyed the Primorphous Core and Harris, Mark and Spyder were working on fixing the data core.

In Versus The Outbreak, Harris was going to go somewhere to un-encrypt the data core. Harris came in to take the gravity pucks from Mark, but he didn't realize that Mark didn't know he had gravity pucks on his trainers. Harris and Spyder left because they didn't want to make it awkward. Harris was with Spyder. Harris used the Mech-Link to control the small gravity pucks to get Veracity's iPad. Veracity found out that Harris took her iPad and Spyder lied that he forgot the password for the data core. Harris, Spyder and Veracity realized that the students were infected with ooze. Harris and Veracity freed Spyder and made a weapon out of the things in the computer room. Harris and Spyder left Veracity so they could help their friends. Harris and Spyder found Ryan and Mark. They escaped from the lunch hall and Mark showed Harris, Ryan and Spyder the student he locked in the freezer. The MECH-Link was able to provide recording information on the infected child whether he still had ooze in him.The MECH-X4 team figured out that if they used the Cold Cannon on the whole school, they wouldn't be infected anymore. Harris was still with the students and unfortunately got hit by the Cold Cannon. Veracity gave Harris the data core and decrypted it. Harris gave Ryan the data core that Veracity opened.

In Versus Harper's Ghost, Harris was helping Spyder on how to jump over the school. Veracity met up with Harris and Spyder, she suggested that they should build a ramp so it would be easier to jump over. Spyder thought that Veracity was going to meet Spyder because it was a date, but Harris kept on telling him it wasn't. Ryan met up with Harris and Spyder. He claimed that he saw Seth but Harris thought that it was because Ryan was stress because Grey was back. The Mech-X4 team found out that it was a vision of Seth and he was trying to say neurosplicer. Harris, Ryan, Mark and Spyder left to go find Seth. The team tracked both Grey and Seth's location. Grey found the boys but Harris shot an ooze antidote at her. Ryan, Mark and Spyder left Harris so he could deal with Grey. Grey escaped and Harris was on the floor. They entered Mech-X4 with Seth and defeated Arachno-Rhino. Ryan told Harris, Mark and Spyder that he let Seth escaped and Harris told Ryan, Mark and Spyder he lost Grey. Leo told Harris, Ryan, Mark and Spyder that he found Ryan's birth father.

In Versus The Mountain, Harris, Ryan, Mark, and Spyder realized that Grey and Seth know who they were. Mark suggested that they need to protect Grace from Seth. Mark was going to help Leo put the Home Defense Unit on Grace's roof. Harris, Ryan, and Spyder found the mountain Randall was in. Harris updated Ryan that the mountain, with Randall and the other miners, was about to collapse. Since Harris couldn't help, Spyder and Ryan used the Grappling Hook to grab the elevator and bring them back to their industries. Harris, Ryan, and Spyder arrived at Bay City and noticed Bay City was losing power.

In Versus The Dark Night, Mark came in and they all thought it was Grey behind the power shortage. Soon after, Bay City lost all its power. Harris told Ryan, Mark, and Spyder that power is coming from Veracity's house. Harris and Spyder went to Veracity's house and reckoned that she was having a party. Harris felt neglected for not being invited. Spyder left Harris so he could join the fun at the party. Harris realized that Veracity wasn't having a party and that all of the people just came into her house because of the power. Harris made a deal with Veracity so that he could see inside the box she was holding. Veracity showed Harris the generator was holding the power of her house. Harris and Spyder saw that a monster was going to suck power. Harris and Spyder got inside the robot without Veracity seeing them. Leo came out of nowhere and helped restart the robot's power. Harris, Ryan, Mark, and Spyder went after Grey. They were too late and Traeger came out of the ooze and they ran away to Mech-X4. They got defeated by Traeger and he disappeared. Harris and Spyder returned the generator back to Veracity.

In Versus The Tech Army, Harris showed Ryan and Spyder the drone he's been working on which could find Traeger and Grey and shoot lasers. Harris and Spyder got an alert from the drone that it found a possible match of Traeger. Harris and Spyder were at the Bay City Airport. They scanned what Traeger and Grey were up to. Harris got the tracker onto Traeger but injured himself. Harris apologized and didn't know that the nanobites could spread to other tech.

In Versus Traeger, Harris and Leo showed Ryan and Spyder the new weapon that could defeat Traeger. Mark arrived and told the others that Traeger was spotted in the city. Harris, Ryan, Mark and Spyder couldn't go in Mech-X4 to fight Traeger because he was 20 feet underground. Harris, Ryan, Mark, and Spyder found the military guards unconscious in the Secret Government Weapons Facility. The team split up so they could find Traeger. Harris told Spyder he was more serious on finding Traeger because he was the reason they were doing it due to him losing Grey. Before Traeger could finish Ryan and Mark, Harris and Spyder used the weapon against Traeger. Ryan and Mark used their weapon as well. Traeger escaped. However, the team found him again. Harris, Ryan, Mark, and Spyder had to retreat because Traeger transformed into a monster. Mark went back to shut all the power and Harris, Ryan, and Spyder were going to fight Traeger. Harris injured himself even more and Traeger escaped. Harris came up with an idea that would help the team. Harris goes to Veracity's house but she thought that he was asking her on a date. Harris showed Veracity Mech-X4 and revealed themselves as the pilots of Mech-X4.


  • Above Average Intellect: Harris has shown many times throughout the series that he has a high intelligence level. As shown in Let's Be Idiots! he was already working on Mech X4's new X-weapon and he designed an app the could scan news feed for monsters. In Let's Get Some Air! he also managed to create an antidote for his mutation.

Temporary Abilities

  • Superhuman Strength: While undergoing a monster mutation, Harris had super strength that made him rip metal panels apart and knock out Mark. 
  • Superhuman Speed: Another effect of undergoing a monster mutation is gaining the ability of super speed. He was capable of moving at paces faster than humans could. 
  • Monster Voice: While undergoing a monster mutation, Harris had a monstrous sounding voice that made appearances during his random outbursts. 


Seth Harper

Harris has been shown to be a fan of Seth since Let's Call It MECH-X4!, and Seth says he likes him in Let's Open The Monster Heart!, since was daring and initiative. However, once Harris finds out he's the one behind the monsters, his opinion of him has changed.


Not the time, not the time!
— Harris, on multiple occasions
Ready on defense!
— Harris


  • He controls defense inside Mech-X4.
  • He wants to meet Selena Gomez. (Let's Call It Mech-X4!) Coincidentally, Selena Gomez is one of Kamran's celebrity crushes.
  • He likes and wants to meet Neil Degrasse Tyson.
  • His mom's cooking is terrible.
  • He almost got turned into a monster. (Let's Get Some Air!)
  • He initially supported Grace Walker’s and Seth Harper's relationship until he discovered Seth's true nature.
  • He thinks the "nerdy voice inside his head", as Spyder calls it, sounds like Morgan Freeman.
  • He has 4 older sisters.
  • When he injures his arm, he selects his academic rival, Veracity, to be his replacement on the crew.


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