Jaguasaur is a recurring monster, who's half jaguar and half dinosaur, in Mech-X4 who's created by Principal Grey both former and flying form. Jaguasaur was reused so Seth could rescue the MECH-X4 Team in The Arctic.


Former Form

  • Jaguasaur was terrorizing Bay City High in Let's Call It MECH-X4!.
    • Jaguasaur was defeated by Mech-X4's Plasma Punch.
  • In Let's Get Some Air!, the Mech-X4 team went looking for the monster heart to cure Harris.
    • Jaguasaur's monster heart was dry and unable to cure Harris.
  • Harris wanted to use Harper Futuristics Quanta-Burst Nano Laser in Let's Open The Monster Heart! to open Jaguasaur's Primorphous Core.
    • Grey threatened Ryan that if Ryan doesn't give her the primorphous core, she would take Mark.
  • More about Jaguasaur's history was shown in Let's Dig Deep!.
    • Seth used the ooze, he first found in a cave, to create Jaguasaur.

Flying Form


  • Jaguasaur was the first experiment with the ooze Seth found in a cave.
  • Jaguasaur is the only monster to make several appearances in the show.