- Morris. I know who the pilots are, and I know what they're gonna do next.
Seth to Morris

"Let's Dig Deep!" is the twelfth episode in Season 1 of Mech-X4. It premiered on April 26, 2017.


With help from his team and a dangerous new technology, Ryan goes on a mission into the mind of his enemy.[1]


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Kazumi Evans as Jessica
  • Ryan Hesp as Janitor


  • It is revealed that Leo and Seth used to be close friends.
  • The primorphorous gel is hidden under Bay City High, which is where the MECH-X4 team goes.
  • Spyder says that Ryan should stop his mom from dating Harper since he's The Mastermind. Despite being sound advice, everyone reacts poorly to it because of Spyder's previous comments about his crush on Grace.
  • Leo likes grilled cheese and fruit juices.
  • Ryan hacked into Seth's memories, and experienced some of his old memories, including his old college years with Leo.
  • While hacking into Seth's brain, Seth discovered the intruder, and took Ryan's remote, although he managed to get it back.
  • Seth found out who the pilots are.
  • A bouncy house was used for this episode, which was confirmed on Twitter by Kamran Lucas.


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