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Mark Walker is a main character in Mech-X4. He is portrayed by Raymond Cham.


Charming, optimistic, all around awesome... just ask him. He's Mark Walker, Varsity super-star and Ryan Walker's older brother. He might not have a superpower like his younger brother, but he has skills on and off the field. This is a kid who's good with tools and can fix anything. So whether it's keeping the robot together in battle or helping upgrade Mech-X4 to do new things, Mark is there at his brother's side. And, you know... to remind his brother Ryan he's lucky to have him there.


Mark is self-confident, popular and athletic. All of the students love him and are impressed no matter what he does. He often tries to make things revolve around himself though when he realises how his actions affect others, he feels bad and apologises. He is also a skilled mechanic.



Ryan Walker

Main article: Ryark

Ryan is Mark's little brother by adoption. They prank each other and bicker like normal siblings, but they have shown to care about each other when it matters. They often do handshakes to show this.



  • He is skilled in many sports, including: Basketball, Baseball, Football and Martial Arts.
  • He is a great mechanic.
  • He learned how to be a mechanic in Shop Class.
  • He is the mechanic inside Mech X4.
  • Some of the things Mark has made includes a rocket thruster (Let's Get Some Air!) and the Markmobile (Let's Go Clubbing!).


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