I am awesome!
— Mark

Mark Walker is a main character in Mech-X4. He is portrayed by Raymond Cham.


Charming, optimistic, all around awesome... just ask him. He's Mark Walker, Varsity super-star and Ryan Walker's older brother. He might not have a superpower like his younger brother, but he has skills on and off the field. This is a kid who's good with tools and can fix anything. So whether it's keeping the robot together in battle or helping upgrade Mech-X4 to do new things, Mark is there at his brother's side. And, you know... to remind his brother Ryan he's lucky to have him there.


Mark is self-confident, popular and athletic. All of the students love him and are impressed no matter what he does. He often tries to make things revolve around himself though when he realizes how his actions affect others, he feels bad and apologies. He is also a skilled mechanic.


Mark is a popular kid in school who is great at everything including mechanic. Mark has pranked Ryan but still care about each other.

Season 1

In Let's Call it Mech-X4, Mark joins the Mech-X4 Team as the mechanic and helped repair MECH-X4 when the monster damaged its arm.

In Let's Get Some Air!, Mark is training with Ryan so he can beat the monsters Principal Grey throws at them. At the same time they were training, Harris throws Mark across the room in results of him swallowing the monster ooze. They figured out what was wrong with Harris and they go and find the "monster heart" and retrieve it and bring it back to Mech-X4! However, the ooze has dried so they go and find more ooze which was in a volcano near them. They set off and Harris' monster voice is activated and he starts destroying things inside MECH-X4. Next, Davage destroys the volcano with MECH-X4 in it. Mark and Ryan realize that Harris escaped and Ryan thinks Spyder should help fix the Arm Cannon, but Mark disagrees. When Ryan detected Mark is scared, he goes to find Harris whilst Ryan tries to get a signal on his phone. When Mark spotted Ryan, he jumped and attacked him. Mark electrified Harris and saved Ryan. When Spyder fixed the Arm Cannon, Mech-X4 gets out of the ooze.

In Let's Open The Monster Heart!, Mark is with Ryan and they are checking on Mech-X4 through Mark's phone. Whilst they were doing this, Grace left the house due to her having a busy day. When she left, she forgot her phone and Mark notices that Grace has loads of email from a person called JJ from Harper Futuristics. Grace comes back for phone and sees Mark going through her phone so she does the same thing with Mark's phone. Afterwards, Mark and Ryan are in Mech-X4 testing out the repair work and Mark is still talking about JJ. Whilst they were arguing, the monster Davage planted was attacking Mech-X4. Ryan had to retreat and gets injured but it heals quickly. Harris makes a plan to go to Harper Futuristics to open up the monster heart to find out who is sending Mech-X4 monsters. Mark leaves Ryan, Harris and Spyder when he hears someone say JJ's name. When he followed the man to a place, he thought it was JJ but it wasn't. Mark finds Ryan and Principal Grey threatens he's going to hurt him if Ryan doesn't give the Primorphous Core. When Mark and Ryan come out of Harper Futuristics, they find Grace and Mark realizes that Jessica, Seth's assistant, is JJ. When Seth overheard that Grace is not dating anyone, he asked her to go out with him.

In Let's Be Idiots!, Mark tells Ryan to relax. Mark asked Dane whether he got tickets to live Rats$z. After Grace and Seth went out for sushi, he told Seth about Rats$z and Seth wants to get him tickets to Rats$z, but Mark doesn't want him because he is wealthy and can easily buy tickets to Rats$z. Mark is with Seth and tried to get past the security guards, but couldn't. They tried to sneak in the back door, but failed. They were going to try another plan, but the show was over. They go back home and make their own Rats$z concert. Grace comes back home and joins them.

In Let's Survive in the Woods!, Ryan, Harris and Spyder go camping while Mark was by himself in Mech-X4. Mark got an alert that Mech-X4 was in danger. When he goes investigate, Davage smashed a door and fought Mark. He trapped Davage by using the Gravity Pucks, but he managed to escape and trapped Mark. Davage used the upgraded Jaguasaur to take Mech-X4 and Mark away.

In Let's Get Our Robot Back!, Mark is captured by Davage and learnt that Principal Grey was behind the monsters. Mark escaped by tricking Davage. Mark overheard Principal Grey talking to The Mastermind. Mark was disguised as a guard and found Ryan, Harris and Spyder. They got into Mech-X4 and Ryan, Harris and Spyder realized that Principal Grey was behind the monsters. Ryan defeated the monster using the Plasma Punch.

In Let's Get the Big Bad!, Mark, Harris and Spyder don't trust Grey inside Mech-X4. Ryan convinced why they should let her on Mech-X4. At night, Principal Grey was still at Bay City High and found at that Morris worked for The Mastermind. More guards came to attack Grey, but Mark, Ryan, Harris and Spyder came in to help her fight off Morris and the guards. They defeated the guards and Mark, Ryan, Harris, Spyder and Principal Grey got Morris' phone. Ryan called the Mastermind and Harris traced his location. Mark, Ryan, Harris, Spyder and Grey found the Mastermind's location. Grey double-crossed them and Ryan was actually double-crossing her. The Mastermind sent Clawboon to attack Mech-X4. Whilst they were battling Clawboon, Grey escaped. Mark, Ryan, Harris and Spyder destroyed the monster. Mark, Ryan, Harris and Spyder found Grey. Grey couldn't hold on and slipped into Clawboon's ooze.

In Let's Deal with Our Stuff!, Mark was with Dane at lunch was talking with a teacher how they would beat East Bay City High. Mark gathered a crowd and got everyone calling his name. When Ryan saw this, his techno surge went off and when Mark tried to take a shot, but got distracted by the bell and threw it at the teacher by accident. At home, Mark was waiting for Ryan, but he implied that Mark wasn't in Mech-X4. During the game, Ryan cheered Mark. When Mark was about to score, he missed the shot since he got distracted by what was happening around him due to Ryan. Mark, Ryan, Harris and Spyder leave the game and go in Mech-X4 to fight off the other half of Octoconda. Mark learnt that Ryan was adopted and motivated him. During Cassie's interview, he mentioned about Ryan and them about being brothers. Harris, Spyder and Mark realize that the person behind Mech-X4 knew his name and his birth parents.

In Let's Get Some Answers!, Mark was acting strange. Mark drove Ryan, Harris and Spyder to Leo's address to find if he's there and more clues if he isn't. They entered inside and found Mech-X3. They checked inside Mech-X3 and saw drones about to attack them. Leo OS stopped attacking them when he realized that Ryan was a technopath. Leo OS shutted down Mech-X3. Drones come to attack Mark, Ryan, Harris and Spyder. Mark helped Harris and Spyder fend off the drones. They couldn't get out because at that moment Leo OS put Mech-X3 on lockdown. In addition, the drones Leo OS sent were about to shoot Mark, Harris and Spyder. The drones went away and weren't shooting them.

In Let's Go Clubbing!, Mark left Ryan, Harris and Spyder so he could make his Markmobile. When he finished making the Markmobile, he went to Bay City High for Ryan and Spyder. Mark, Ryan and Spyder got into Mech-X4 and they destroyed Harris and Veracity's invention.

In Let's Get Leo!, Harris notified Mark, Ryan and Spyder that he installed a sub mode and he created Mech Links for the 4 of them. Later, Mark, Ryan and Spyder were in Mech-X4. They were trying to find out where the underwater base was. Mark reminded Ryan that they were almost at Crush Depth. Harris had to guide Mech-X4 through Harper's. Harris went offline and Mark and Ryan were arguing that they should turn back because of the mines. Harris was back online and saw that they were about to hit one of the mines. They hit one of the mine which made Mark, Ryan and Spyder pass out. When they woke up, Harris told them they have 10 minutes before they get squished by the pressure. Ryan insisted on still going to get Leo. Mark fixed Mech-X4 and told Harris how Ryan was just talking about Leo and Harris talked about Spyder. When Ryan and Leo came back, Mark wanted to get Leo to the Medical Bay so Ryan could rest.

In Let's Dig Deep!, Leo told Mark, Ryan, Harris and Spyder that Seth has a huge pocket of where he keeps his Primorphous Gel. Mark and Ryan got Harris and Spyder to disguise Seth so nobody will recognize him. Mark and Ryan contacted Leo and Leo reminded him Ryan could get brain damage. Ryan connected onto Seth's brain, but came out to tell Mark that he saw something fuzzy. Mark, Ryan and Harris thought they saw Seth, but it was Spyder in disguise.

In Let's Destroy Some Ooze!, Mark was practicing and Spyder got noticed by Mark's coach and wanted him to join the team. Since his grades weren't too good, he declined. In Mech-X4, Harris found how deep the ooze was under the school and told Mark, Ryan and Spyder. Mark and Ryan got Grace into the Northwest Food Fest by using Ryan's technopath ability. Mark, Ryan, Harris and Spyder were going to plant the antidote, but Seth sent a monster to attack them and they lost the antidote. Harris put the monster on sonar and they injured it. Cassie and Godfrey were watching and the invisible monster moved which made Cassie and Godfrey think that Mech-X4 shot missiles at Bay City High. Grace went to Harper Futuristics and Ryan planned on getting her back. They went to Harper Futuristics and when they got there, the military was attacking Mech-X4. Ryan retreated, but Mark thought they should stay to rescue Grace They escaped because their shields were down and couldn't take anymore damage.

In Let's End This! Part One, Mech-X4 was dodging attacks from the military. Ryan wanted to go save Grace, but Mark persuaded him to not because he was the only one who could pilot the robot. Harris volunteered to go with Mark because he knows the layout of Harper Futuristics. Mark and Harris got pass the reception. They got captured and they witnessed that their was a bigger Primorphous Core than normal. Harris drank some of the ooze which turned him into a monster. He used it to fight the guards and Morris. Mark and Harris returned and told Ryan and Spyder that Seth built a huge monster heart. Ryan, Harris, Spyder and Mark realized that Seth was controlling the monster inside.

In Let's End This! Part Two, Ryan tried to X-Weapon the monster, but Seth and the monster survived. Seth left, but he'll be back for Grace. Grace woke up and found Mark, Ryan, Harris and Spyder in MECH-X4. Harris, Spyder, Leo left so Grace could talk to Mark and Ryan. She left to go to Seth and Ryan called the rest of the team to the control room. Grace was with Seth in the monster and they took a critical hit from Seth and they had to leave quick. Ryan had a plan. Mark distracted Seth by tying a rope on the Markmobile to a pole. He used the Gravity Pucks to fly and tie a rope on the monster's leg. Mark landed his Markmobile, but the monster fell sideways and destroyed the Markmobile. Mark was later seen in Mech-X4 with Ryan, Harris and Spyder. They were fighting the monster and Ryan threw the Primorphous Core missile back at Seth which made the monster turn to ooze. Mark and Ryan were with Grace and all Grace remembered was that Seth was behind the monster. Ryan, Harris, Mark and Spyder were on the head of Mech-X4. They were watching Cassie's latest video about Mech-X4.

Season 2

In Versus The New Evil, Mark, Ryan, Harris and Spyder found the monster they were hunting for. The Mech-X4 Team were watching Godfrey explain that Seth died. Harris reminded the others that it's their first day at East Bay City High. Mark was with Dane and Wade claimed that Mark shouldn't be wearing a varsity jacket because he isn't a varsity at East Bay City High. Mark wanted Ryan to back him up, but he went on Wade's side. They all started fighting, until the principal told them to stop. The principal gave Mark, Ryan, Harris and Spyder detention, but not Dane and his friends. Mark argued with Ryan about what Ryan going on Wade's side until the teacher made them stop. Harris reminded the others that the military was moving the ooze at 4:30pm. After Ryan made the teacher's watch explode, they left to go to Mech-X4 and were watching if things were going smoothly. Mark, Ryan, Harris and Spyder noticed that 1 truck wasn't following the others. Mech-X4 followed the driver to the warehouse. Ryan, Harris, Mark and Spyder left Mech-X4 to go to the warehouse since Mech-X4 couldn't get inside. Ryan, Harris, Mark and Spyder found out that Grey survived and could turn into a monster whenever she wants. Ryan apologized to Mark for not having his back and they were back to being friends.

In Versus The Deep, Mark and Ryan were talking to Davis (Mark's biological father and Ryan's adopted father) Ryan felt like he didn't fit in because he didn't inherit anything from Davis. Grace went to another food fest when Mark and Ryan finished talking with Davis. After Grace left, Ryan got visions about the core and a monster. Mark brought Ryan to Mech-X4. Ryan told Spyder and Harris he's been having weird visions about the giant Primorphous Core Seth was about to plant in the ooze at Bay City High and Insectashark. Spyder, Ryan and Harris went to go to Harper Futuristics for more answers. Mark and Spyder entered through the hidden door when Ryan used his power to make the door visible. Whilst Ryan was downloading the files, Spyder spotted Morris and Seth's henchmen. They defeated Morris and the henchmen and Mark managed to obtain the file about Ryan's biological parents. Mark, Ryan and Spyder went to Mech-X4 to destroy Insectashark. The monster was underwater so they needed the Mech Sub. Spyder destroyed the Primorphous Core using the torpedoes. Spyder, Harris and Mark fixed the drive that contained all information about Ryan's biological parents.

In Versus The Outbreak, Mark wanted to take the spot on varsity at East Bay City High.The coach wanted Mark and another player to play 1 on 1 whilst Dane and another player were out. Ryan put small gravity pucks on Mark's show whilst playing in the game so he could get a spot on the varsity. Mark figured out that Ryan put small gravity pucks on his shoes. Mark told Ryan he wanted to make the team without cheating. Mark told Wade he quit the team. Dane thought he quit the team for him. At the same moment, the students of East Bay City High turn to monsters. Mark was helping Wade by getting the students away from him. Mark tried to get to Ryan so he could help him. Mark, Harris, and Spyder came too and helped Mark and Ryan. Mark showed Ryan, Harris, and Spyder the infected student he put in the freezer. The MECH-X4 team figured out that if they used the Cold Cannon on the whole school, they wouldn't be infected anymore. Mark put the trainers back in MECH-X4. Ryan apologized to Mark and he said that he didn't take the spot for varsity.

In Versus Harper's Ghost, Mark and Harris were in Mech-X4 checking on Ryan. The Mech-X4 team found out that Ryan was receiving visions from Seth. Ryan used a neurosplicer to talk to Seth. Mark, Ryan, Harris, and Spyder went to get Seth from Grey. Mark, Ryan, Harris, and Mark found Grey and Seth's location. Grey found the team, but Harris shot her using the Mech-Link. Mark, Ryan, and Spyder went to go get Seth. Mark, Ryan, Spyder, and Seth found Harris who was on the floor. They entered MECH-X4 with Seth and they defeated Arachno-Rhino. Ryan told Mark, Spyder, and Harris that he Seth escaped and Harris told Mark, Ryan, Spyder he lost Grey. Spyder texted Veracity he couldn't make their "date". Leo told Mark, Ryan, Harris and Spyder that he found Ryan's birth father.

In Versus The Mountain, Mark offered to help Leo put the Home Defense Unit on Grace's roof. At the Ferry Hanger, Mark was trying to talk to Leo if he could become a technopath but he got distracted when Leo showed him the Markmobile he made. The reason behind why he made it was because Leo thought he took Mark's role in the team so he didn't want him to feel left out. On Grace's roof, Mark asked Leo if he could become a technopath but he said no because Ryan's power was an accident. Grace came home and saw Mark and Leo on her roof. They told her the Home Defense Unit was a satellite upgrade. Grace asked Leo to delete all the sports and movie channel because of Mark's grade. Mark found out from Leo that he chose Ryan's family because of him.

In Versus The Dark Night, Mark came to alert them about the power shortage and Leo was trying to figure out what was happening. The team thought it was Grey who was behind the power shortage. Soon after, Bay City lost all of its power. Mark, Ryan, and Spyder found it weird that Harris knew Veracity's address easily. Mark and Ryan went to the Power Plant, using their X-Goggles, to figure out what was wrong. Mark and Ryan saw monster ooze dripping in the Power Plant. They saw more ooze and they were trying to figure out why the monster Grey sent didn't destroy anything. Ryan and Mark figured that the monster was going to strike at Veracity's house next. Mark, who was taking Spyder's place, and Ryan were fighting off the monster. The monster disappeared after sucking all of Mech-X4's energy. Mark and Ryan were later joined by Harris and Spyder. Leo came out of nowhere and was sleeping on a park bench whilst the team were figuring out about the shortage. Mark, Ryan, Harris, and Spyder were going after Grey by following the monster, whilst Leo was trying to get power on Mech-X4. Grey ran away and Mark, Ryan, Harris, and Spyder saw Traeger and they ran away to Mech-X4. Ryan tried to squash Traeger but Traeger stopped them.

In Versus The Tech Army, Mark called Ryan to tell him that Grace wanted them. Davis was with Grace and he got them tickets to the Future Technology Explore. Mark left Ryan and Davis and met Georgia in the line. Mark had to bail on Georgia because he thought he saw one of the drones. Mark and Ryan left to meet Harris because his tracker drones were after Ryan. Harris declined the call and Mark and Ryan figured out that Veracity was being attacked by tech, not Ryan. Mark left to protect Veracity whilst Ryan dealt with Davis. Georgia helped Mark, Ryan, and Veracity from the tech. Mark apologized to Georgia about her shield and what he did earlier. Harris apologized and didn't know that the nanobites could spread to other tech.

In Versus Traeger, Mark came into Mech-X4 to alert Ryan, Harris, Spyder, and Leo that Traeger had been spotted in Bay City. Harris found his location. Mark, Ryan, Harris, and Spyder couldn't go in Mech-X4 to fight Traeger because he was 20 feet underground. Mark, Ryan, Harris, and Spyder found the military guards unconscious in the Secret Government Weapons Facility. The team split up so they could find Traeger. Traeger found Mark and Ryan. Harris and Spyder used the weapon to destroy Traeger and Mark and Ryan joined in to destroy Traeger. Traeger escaped but the team found him again. Mark went back to shut all the power in the Secret Weapons Facility. Mark joined the others in Mech-X4. Harris injured himself even more and Traeger escaped. Harris came up with an idea that would help the team. Mark, Ryan, and Spyder were in the robot and revealed they were the pilots and need Veracity's help.



Ryan Walker

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Ryan is Mark's little brother by adoption. They prank each other and bicker like normal siblings, but they have shown to care about each other when it matters. They often do handshakes to show this.


  • Above Average Agility: Mark has high agility, as shown in Let's Survive in the Woods! when fighting off Davage.
  • Mechanical Aptitude As the mechanic of Mech X4 Mark has shown to be very capable of reapiring it's advanced systems and installing upgrades. He was also able to upgrade the Markmobile to fly and give Mech X4 sub mode in 2 days.


  • He is skilled in many sports, including: Basketball, Baseball, Football and Martial Arts.
  • He is a great mechanic.
  • He learned how to be a mechanic in Shop Class.
  • He is the mechanic inside Mech X4.
  • Some of the things Mark has made includes a rocket thruster (Let's Get Some Air!) and the Markmobile (Let's Go Clubbing!).


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