Raymond Cham Jr is an actor who portrays Mark Walker on Mech-X4.


Raymond Cham was born in Los Angeles and always had a passion for acting and dancing. His television credits include roles on Disney Channel series’ “Jessie” and “Shake It Up,” and ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars” and “Grey’s Anatomy,” as well as “ER” and “Step Up: All In.” Cham has also appeared in multiple music videos for artists such as Ludacris and Willow Smith. Cham resides in southern California with his mother and enjoys creative writing, working on pilot and feature film scripts, playing sports, hiking and rock climbing.


  • Out of the main cast from season 2 him and Pearce Joza (Spyder Johson) are the only ones not from Girl Meets World.
  • He is the oldest from the cast being 20.