— Ryan's Catchphrase

Ryan Walker is a main character and the protagonist in MECH-X4. He is portrayed by Nathaniel Potvin.


Ryan is a freshman at Bay City High who has technopathy – the extraordinary ability to control technology with his mind. His talent mysteriously awakens MECH-X4, a giant 150-foot robot built by an elusive genius (who was imprisoned) to defend their town against impending doom in the form of monsters.


Ryan is the leader of the MECH-X4 Team. He has a great attitude and tries to do what's best for the team, but sometimes loses focus as what's right. He also rises to occasions and is not afraid to stand up to his older brother, Mark.


Season 1

In Let's Call It Mech-X4!, Ryan discovers he has a power that controls technology with his mind. He next learns that he can use his technopath power to pilot Mech-X4. He learns how to control Mech-X4 and uses its power to grab a dumpster and spilling it on Mark. He feels like a "monster" because Mark said he would never embarrass him like how he embarrassed Mark. At Bay City High, an actual monster comes. At that moment, Ryan gets into Mech-X4 to fight the monster. They don't manage so well and they realize they need a forth member which has to be a mechanic. When Ryan throws a dumpster at the monster to get it away from the girl it was about to eat, Mark figures out it was Ryan who emptied the garbage on Mark. When Mark fixes the repairs on the robot, the MECH-X4 Team successfully defeat the monster. Ryan apologies and welcomes Mark to the team. Ryan and Mark saw on the news that civilians of Bay City think that Mech-X4 is dangerous. Ryan comes up with a plan to help the civilians of Bay City like getting a frisbee from a tree and stop a thief stealing someones bag. When Ryan saves Marty from falling, Seth Harper becomes intrigues by the robot. Seth invites the robot and Principal Grey finds out where they are going to and is planning Octoconda attack on them. They find the monster and Harris gets himself trapped. Ryan however thinks he was killed and blames himself for it for not listening. They find out Harris is still alive and Mark goes after him. They manage to defeat the monster using the Plasma Ax, but the other half disappeared.

In Let's Get Some Air!, Mark was training with Ryan. Whilst they were training, Harris started to act different and he realizes that he swallowed some of the monster ooze which is making him different. Ryan with Spyder, Harris and Mark go to the forest the ooze dropped at. When they get back to MECH-X4, they see that the ooze has dried out from the "monster heart". When Ryan, Harris and Mark realize that the ooze came from a volcano, they set off and Harris' monster voice is activated and he starts destroying things inside MECH-X4. Davage destroys the volcano with MECH-X4 in it. MECH-X4 ends up stuck in a huge pit of ooze and are losing oxygen. While they are down in the ooze, they realize Harris is gone and Ryan thinks they should call Spyder for help to fix the Arm Cannon but Mark disagrees. When Ryan detects Mark is scared, he goes to find Harris whilst Ryan tries to get a signal on his phone. He eventually gets a signal and texts Spyder. Harris sneaked up on Ryan and attacked him. His phone slipped out of his hands and the phone gets broken. Mark came and used a weapon to electrify Harris. Harris then brakes the weapon. When Spyder fixed the Arm Cannon, Mech-X4 jumps out of the pit of ooze. Ryan gave Harris the antidote.

In Let's Open The Monster Heart!, Mark and Spyder were playing with the Primorphous Core until Harris told them to stop. When they carried on, the Primorphous Gel started glowing. A few minutes later, Ryan is with Mark checking on Mech-X4 through Mark's phone. Whilst they were doing this, Grace left the house due to her having a busy day. When she left, she forgot her phone and Mark notices that Grace has loads of email from a person called JJ from Harper Futuristics. Grace comes back for phone and sees Mark going through her phone so she does the same thing with Mark's phone. Afterwards, Ryan and Mark are in Mech-X4 testing out the repair work and Mark is still talking about JJ. Whilst they were arguing, the monster Davage planted was attacking Mech-X4. Ryan had to retreat and gets injured but it heals quickly. Harris makes a plan to go to Harper Futuristics to open up the monster heart to find out who is sending Mech-X4 monsters. Ryan, Harris and Spyder get caught by Seth and he orders them to leave. When Seth questions them about why they were in Harper Futuristics, they lied to Seth by saying they found the Primorphous Core and wanted to experiment it by themselves. When Seth is told that there were 4 of them, he questioned them and an alarm goes off making them leave the building. Ryan discovers it was a false alarm and goes back for the Primorphous Core. Whilst he was getting it, he found the person who was sending Mech-X4 monsters, but didn't see the face. Mark finds Ryan and Principal Grey threatens he's going to hurt him if Ryan doesn't give the Primorphous Core. He gave the Primorphous Core to her and she disappears. When Mark and Ryan come out of Harper Futuristics, they find Grace and Mark realizes that Jessica, Seth's assistant, is JJ. When Seth overheard that Grace is not dating anyone, he asked her to go out with him.

In Let's Be Idiots!, Ryan started getting flashbacks of their previous fight with Mech-X4 when he saw Harris created a new weapon, Spyder hammered something, and when Mark fixed something. Mark told Ryan that he should relax. Harris advised Ryan to go to the Bay City Skate-Off. Ryan was talking with Harris and Spyder about the trick he has to do to beat Jimmy Wilson, who has won the Skate-Off 3 years in a row. Also, Harris informs them that he designed an app that can scan news feed for monsters and can send them an alert when that happens. When Ryan failed with doing the trick, the skateboard hit Mech-X4 and unlocked equipment and new weapons. Ryan is with Spyder, who is filming his trick, and Ryan did the trick successfully. They bump into Jimmy Wilson and he thinks that he's better than Ryan and acts like a "jerk" to Ryan. Jimmy boasts his skills to Ryan and Spyder reminded him that he was there to relax. However, Ryan still wanted to beat him because he embarrassed him in front of the skaters. Ryan was back in Mech-X4 and saw that Harris learnt how to use the Gravity Pucks. In addition, Harris showed them the new features added in Mech-X4. Ryan gets and idea to use the Gravity Pucks to help him win and Harris reminded him it's cheating, but he still does it anyway. Principal Grey arrived in the competition and put a tracker on him to see where he goes. Ryan, Harris and Spyder get back in Mech-X4 and fight the upgraded Jaguasaur. Ryan learnt not to cheat and ends up injuring himself which makes Jimmy win the skate-off. When Jimmy called Harris and Spyder "dorks", he decided to use the Gravity Pucks to impress everyone instead of them cheering for Jimmy.

In Let's Survive in the Woods!, Ryan, Harris and Spyder were going camping and Mark and Dane taunted them about the Butcher. Mark told them that he would be in the robot whilst they go camping. Park Ranger Jeff took Ryan, Harris and Spyder's phone which meant that they don't know when a monster attacks. Ryan insisted on getting their phones back, but Park Ranger Jeff caught them and told them to do camping. Ryan and Harris thought they saw the Bay City Butcher, but it was Dane pretending. Ryan, Harris and Spyder wanted to get revenge on Dane and steal his phone so they know if a monster attacks. Ryan lost Harris and Spyder and bumped into Dane who sprained his ankle. He found Jeff and he captured Ryan, Harris and Spyder. Then escaped and Ryan managed to take down Jeff. Ryan got his phone back and received the text messages from Mark and realizes he's in danger. He also figured out that somebody knows they're Mech-X4. Ryan, Harris and Spyder get to the Abandoned Ferry and they were too late.

In Let's Get Our Robot Back!, Ryan, Harris and Spyder go to Leo's caravan to see if they could track Mech-X4. Harris fixed it, but Mech-X4 went out of range. Harris came up with a plan to go to Project Starry Night Headquarters. They make it in through the side door. Whilst they were walking, Spyder stepped on a pressure plate which activated an alarm. They secretly get into the control room and Ryan used his technopathy to re-positioned the satellite facing towards Earth. They found Mech-X4 and found Mark dressed as a guard. More guards came and Ryan controlled Mech-X4 outside the robot. Prinicpal Grey fired Jaguasaur at them. They got into Mech-X4 and Ryan, Harris and Spyder realized that Principal Grey was behind the monsters. They grabbed it in the air and dragged it down. Whilst they were doing it, Jaguasaur's wing hit Davage which sent him flying across a mountain. They defeat Jaguasaur using the Plasma Punch. At home, Grey came to Ryan's home to talk about The Mastermind is going to eliminate everyone.

In Let's Get the Big Bad!, Ryan invited Principal Grey into Mech-X4. Harris, Spyder and Mark don't want her aboard Mech-X4. Ryan convinced them to trust her because they can defeat the Mastermind. At Bay City High, Ryan was with Principal Grey in her office. She tried to convince the Mastermind a second chance. Ryan, Harris, Spyder and Mark came in to help Grey defeat Morris and the guards. Ryan used the Gravity Pucks and Spyder used the Bounce Belt. Ryan defeated Morris and the other guards retreated. He took Morris' phone and de-encrypted the phone. When Ryan was on the phone with the Mastermind, Harris managed to track his location. They were in the Matermind's location and Grey tricked them by turning off Mech-X4. Ryan was actually tricking her and Ryan used the X-Weapon to finish off Clawboon. Grey fought Ryan and Mark and almost slipped into Clawboon's ooze. Grey couldn't hold on and slipped into Clawboon's ooze. After the battle, Harris and Spyder left to go to Donut King. Ryan looked through Principal Grey's stuff and saw that he was adopted.

In Let's Deal with Our Stuff!, Ryan freaked out that Mark won't be his brother anymore since he's adopted. He's next in Mech-X4 talking with Harris and Spyder about not telling Mark because he doesn't want to ruin his chances of winning. Ryan, Harris and Spyder are training because Harris wants to make sure the X-Weapon didn't drain anything. At school, Mark was with Dane talking about how they would beat East Bay City High. Ryan's technopathy started glitching and started messing with the lights. When Mark showed the teacher his basketball skills, Ryan activated the alarm which made Mark threw the basketball at the teacher. Next, they were in Mech-X4. Harris checked on Ryan by scanning him and Harris figured out that when Ryan was talking about Mark, his powers go wonky. When Ryan disagrees and calls that idea wrong, he leaves Mech-X4. Ryan goes home and met Mark already there. Seth checked on them and played video games with Ryan and talked about his relationship with Mark. At the game, Ryan is cheering Mark and when Dane called Mark "bro" he got a techno surge and it made Mark lose the game. Harris got an alert that the other half of Octoconda is back. Ryan tried to start Mech-X4, but failed because of the surges. Harris and Spyder advised Ryan to tell Mark what's going on. Ryan agreed and told him that he was adopted. They rip the monster and successfully defeat it. At home, Ryan talked with Grace about the adoption and said that she didn't know how to explain it. In Mech-X4, they found out that the person who bulit Mech-X4 knew his birth parents and his name.

In Let's Get Some Answers!, Ryan was training in Mech-X4 and Mark was being strange. He went to go to Harris and Spyder to know if they realized that Mark had been acting strange. Before they could talk, Harris found out that it was Leo who wrote the note. They entered Leo's house and Ryan figured out that it was a hologram. They entered inside and found Mech-X3. They entered inside and saw drones about to attack them. Ryan told Leo OS that he's a technopath. Ryan asked questions to Leo OS, but shut down Mech-X3. Drones come to attack Ryan, Harris, Spyder and Mark. Ryan learnt that the reason Mark was acting weird was because he was being more protective since Ryan was adopted. Ryan convinced Leo OS to open the doors and not destruct Mech-X3. Ryan found Leo's co-ordinates and promised he will find him.

In Let's Go Clubbing!, Ryan questioned Harris why he didn't find Leo yet. Harris replied that he's going to do it when he gets to Harper Grant. Mark left Mech-X4 to go to Mech-X3. Ryan was at Bay City High talking with Spyder about finding Leo. They found at there is a Mech-X4 fan club and Cassie overheard them about the pilots of Mech-X4, which makes her think they are the pilots of Mech-X4. Ryan came up with the idea to for Mech-X4 to have pirates in it, so nobody will realize that Mech-X4 has pilots. Before Ryan could say more, Dane interrupted the fan club and used it for varsities only since there was a Harper Grant competition happening at the gym. Back in Mech-X4, Ryan and Spyder called Mark and talked about Dane and found at he built a Markmobile. Ryan caused Dane to kick the other varsities out of the fan club. Ryan received a text from Harris and when Dane insisted on helping, Ryan and Spyder locked Dane in the drama storage room. When Ryan and Spyder were trying to get into Mech-X4, Cassie figured out that Ryan is one of the pilots in Mech-X4. Cassie got interrupted by the fire alarm which just went off. Mark drove his Markmobile and used it to get to Bay City High. He drove off and Mark activated the Gravity Pucks to make the Markmobile go in the air and faster. They got into Mech-X4 and Ryan used the Grappling Grip and the Plasma Blast to destroy it. He came out of Mech-X4 and went to Cassie to prove that he isn't the pilot of Mech-X4. Ryan checked to see if Harris made it into Harper Grant and it turned out that Harris and Veracity made it in.

In Let's Get Leo!, Harris informed Ryan, Mark and Spyder that he installed a new submarine. He showed them the Mech Links which were similar to Mech-X4. Ryan, Mark and Spyder were in Mech-X4 trying to find the underwater base whilst Harris was monitoring them while he was at Harper Grant. Mark alerted Ryan that Mech-X4 was almost at Crush Depth so Harris was guiding them through the water. Ryan, Mark and Spyder found mines. If Mech-X4 touched them, the mine will explode. Ryan, Mark and Spyder couldn't communicate with Harris because at Harper Grant it was tech-free Tuesday. Ryan agreed on moving past the mines, but Mark reminded him that if anything goes wrong, they would head back. Harris got back and connected to Mech-X4. He realized that Mech-X4 was about to hit one of the mines. Ryan and Mark were arguing and hit one of the mines. This made Mech-X4 drown and Ryan, Mark and Spyder passed out. They wake up and Harris alerted them that they are below Crush Depth and have 10 minutes before they get squished by the pressure. Spyder gave Ryan his Mech Link so Leo can use it since he's gonna need a force field. Ryan turned all the electricity off and defeated the guards. Ryan rescued Leo and bought him on Mech-X4. Ryan figured out who the Mastermind was and told Mark and Spyder that he is Seth Harper.

In Let's Dig Deep!, Leo told Ryan, Mark, Harris and Spyder that their is a giant pocket with Primorphous Gel. Ryan, Mark, Harris, Spyder and Leo came up with a plan to get into Seth's brain. Ryan and Mark got Harris and Spyder to put him into a disguise after Ryan put the device on. Ryan and Mark contacted Leo through Mech Link and he reminded him that he could get brain damage if he took too long. Leo told Ryan that he would know if he took too long because the remote will turn red. Ryan got into Seth's brain and saw Leo and Seth. He figured that he went too far back in time. He came back and told Mark that he saw something fuzzy. He went back and saw Seth get some Primorphous Gel. Next, he saw Seth mix the Primorphous Core with the Primorphous Gel. Later, he realized that the pocket of ooze was under Bay City High. It turned out that the black fuzzy thing was Seth. Seth showed Ryan what he was planning to do. Ryan fought Seth and was losing. Seth was about to kill him, but Ryan used the remote to escape. Ryan, Harris and Mark thought they saw Seth, but it was actually Spyder.

In Let's Destroy Some Ooze!, Ryan, Harris and Spyder were searching for the ooze pocket at Bay City High. In Mech-X4, Harris found how deep the ooze was under the school and told Ryan, Mark and Spyder. Ryan left to go to Mech-X3 with Leo and got the drill from Mech-X3 to be attached onto Mech-X4. Leo told Ryan about why his birth parents left him and why he was put into adoption Leo told Ryan the reason was Seth Harper was after Ryan. Later, Ryan was with Mark and he got Grace into the Northwest Food Fest. Ryan, Harris, Mark and Spyder were going to plant the antidote, but Seth sent a monster to attack them. Harris put the monster on sonar and they injured it. Cassie and Godfrey were watching and the invisible monster moved which made Cassie and Godfrey think that Mech-X4 shot missiles at Bay City High. Grace went to Harper Futuristics and Ryan planned on getting her back. They went to Harper Futuristics and when they got there, the military was attacking Mech-X4. Ryan retreated and escaped because their shields were down.

In Let's End This! Part One, Mech-X4 were dodging attacks from the fighter jets. Harris made Mech-X4 invisible so the fighter jets won't see them. Leo came and saw one of the missiles hit, but didn't explode. The missile fell on the floor which set off a timer. It was about to blow, but Ryan and Spyder threw the missile outside. Mech-X4 was visible. Leo told Ryan that he had to dodge the missiles with his power. Ryan agreed on doing it whilst Spyder and Leo tried to get the power back on. Leo risked hurting himself and Ryan managed to stop the giant missile by using Mech-X4. Harris and Mark returned back and told Ryan and Spyder that Seth built a giant monster heart. They were going to destroy the monster first before getting Seth away from the Primorphous Gel. Ryan, Harris, Mark and Spyder realized that the monster was being controlled by Seth instead of a Primorphous Core.

In Let's End This! Part Two, Ryan tried to X-Weapon the monster, but Seth and the monster survived because Seth already knew that they had a X-Weapon. Seth left, but he will be back for Grace. Grace woke up and found Ryan, Harris, Mark and Spyder in MECH-X4. Harris, Spyder, Leo left so Grace could talk to Ryan and Mark. She left to go to Seth and Ryan called the rest of the team to the control room. They took a critical hit from Seth and they had to leave quick. Ryan, Harris, Mark, Spyder and Leo made a plan. Ryan went to Harper Futuristics and used the drones from Mech-X3 against Seth. Grace was able to control the monster inside her brain, but Seth got the trigger and launched the Primorphous Core at the school. Ryan and Grace got into Mech-X4 and Grace was in the Med Bay. Ryan thre the Primorphous Core missile back at Seth which made the monster turn to ooze. Ryan and Mark were with Grace and all Grace remembered was that Seth was behind the monster. Ryan, Harris, Mark and Spyder were on the head of Mech-X4. They were watching Cassie's latest video about Mech-X4.

Season 2

In Versus The New Evil, Ryan, Harris, Mark and Spyder found the monster that could turn invisible and they destroyed the monster. Ryan, Harris, Mark and Spyder were watching Godfrey talk about that Seth died. Harris told the others that tomorrow was the day of their new school. They walked in and Ryan helped everyone so he could fit in at East Bay City High. Ryan and Spyder learnt from Harris that they were moving the ooze from Bay City High. They started fighting until the principal stopped them. The principal gave Ryan, Harris, Mark, Spyder and Dane detention, but not Wade and his friends. Ryan argued with Mark, but the teacher stopped them. Harris reminded the others that the military was moving the ooze at 4:30pm. They left to go to Mech-X4 and were watching if things were going smoothly. Ryan, Harris, Mark and Spyder noticed that 1 truck wasn't following the others. Mech-X4 followed the driver to the warehouse. Ryan, Harris, Mark and Spyder left Mech-X4 to go to the warehouse since Mech-X4 couldn't get inside. Ryan, Harris, Mark and Spyder found out that Grey survived and could turn into a monster whenever she wants. Ryan apologized to Mark for not having his back.

In Versus The Deep, Ryan and Mark were talking to Davis Walker, who is Ryan's adopted father and Mark's biological father. When Ryan and Mark finished their call with Davis, Grace went to another Food Fest because Ryan sent her emails she was accepted to Food Fest. Ryan started getting visions about Grey and a monster. Mark brought Ryan to Mech-X4. Ryan told Harris and Spyder that he got a vision about the giant Primorphous Core and a monster. Ryan, Mark and Spyder went to Harper Futuristics to get more information. Ryan found the hidden door and entered with Mark and Spyder. Ryan downloaded the files onto his phone and found different data cores. Morris and the guards found Ryan, Mark and Spyder. They defeated Morris and the guards and Ryan got the hard drive, but it was broken. Ryan got a vision about the monster and they got into Mech-X4 to destroy it. The Mech Jet attached to Mech-X4. The Mech-X4 team found the monster and used the drill to defeat the monster. Spyder destroyed the core using the torpedoes. Harris, Mark and Spyder fixed the drive that had information about Ryan's biological parents.

In Versus The Outbreak, Ryan didn't want Mark to go because Grey was still around. Mark wanted to take the spot on varsity. Ryan decided to support Mark so he bought him trainers with small gravity pucks so it could help Mark win. Spyder came in to the gym and saw that there were gravity pucks on Mark's shoe. He claimed that was cheating, but he said that he was trying to help. Mark told Ryan that he wanted to win fairly. Ryan saw that the students were infected with ooze. Ryan tried to communicate with the others, but it didn't work. Mark showed Ryan, Harris and Spyder the student he locked up. The MECH-X4 team figured out that if they used the Cold Cannon on the whole school, they wouldn't be infected anymore. Ryan apologized to Mark. Harris gave the data core to Ryan and realized that his biological parents could be in there.

In Versus Harper's Ghost, Ryan and Leo were going through the data core on who his biological dad was. Ryan downloaded the image of Randall Anthony on his phone. Ryan thought he saw Seth in Mech-X4. He told Harris and Spyder but they thought that he was stressed out because Grey was back. Ryan goes to the skate park. Ryan was trying to impress Yasmin but he failed because he thought he saw Seth. Ryan was in Mech-X4 and Harris and Mark were checking if Ryan was okay. The MECH-X4 team found out that Ryan was seeing a vision of Seth and that he was trying to say neurosplicer. Ryan found out that Seth was imprisoned by Grey. Ryan, Harris, Mark and Spyder tracked Grey and Seth's location. Principal Grey found Ryan, Harris, Mark and Spyder but Harris used the MECH-Link to turn her back to a human. Whilst Harris was watching Grey, Ryan, Mark and Spyder went to get Seth. Ryan, Mark, Spyder, and Seth found Harris on the floor. They saw Arachno-Rhino and they got in with Seth to fight the monster. Ryan was going to use the neurosplicer to erase Seth's brain. Ryan was going to take Seth to prison instead but Seth escaped when he used technopathic visions against Ryan. Ryan told Harris, Mark and Spyder that he Seth escaped and Harris told Ryan, Mark and Spyder he lost Grey. Leo told Ryan, Harris, Mark and Spyder that he found Ryan's biological father.

In Versus The Mountain, Ryan, and Leo were finding out more about Randall. Ryan, Harris, Mark, and Spyder realized that Grey and Seth know who they were. Mark suggested that they need to protect Grace from Seth. Mark was going to help Leo put the Home Defense Unit on Grace's roof. Ryan, Harris and Spyder found the mountain Randall was in. Harris updated Ryan that the mountain, with Randall and the other miners, was about to collapse. Ryan drilled through the mountain. Harris and Spyder were in Mech-X4 whilst Ryan went off to get the miners. He used the elevator to get lower down the mountain. Ryan took off his X-Goggles and helped Randall get to the other miners. Ryan got the other miners using the Gravity Pucks. They escaped quickly and Ryan told Randall that he was his son. Ryan, Randall, and the other miner got lifted by Mech-X4 to their mining industries. Mark called Ryan and Ryan, Harris and Spyder went back to Bay City because Mark asked him to.

In Versus The Dark Night, Mark came and Leo was trying to figure out what was happening. The team thought it was Grey who was behind the power shortage. Soon after, Bay City lost all of its power. Ryan, Mark, and Spyder found it weird that Harris knew Veracity's address easily. Ryan and Mark went to the Power Plant, using their X-Goggles, to figure out what was wrong. Ryan and Mark saw monster ooze dripping in the Power Plant. They saw more ooze and they were trying to figure out why the monster Grey sent didn't destroy anything. Ryan and Mark figured that the monster was going to strike at Veracity's house next. Ryan and Mark, who was taking Spyder's place, were fighting off the monster. The monster disappeared after sucking all of Mech-X4's energy. Ryan and Mark were joined by Harris and Spyder. Leo came out of nowhere and was sleeping on a park bench before he got there. Ryan, Harris, Mark, and Spyder were going after Grey by following the monster, whilst Leo was trying to get power on Mech-X4. Grey ran away and Ryan, Harris, Mark, and Spyder saw Traeger and they ran away to Mech-X4. Ryan tried to squash Traeger but Traeger stopped them.

In Versus The Tech Army, Harris showed Ryan and Spyder the drone he's been working on which could find Traeger and Grey and shoot lasers. Ryan got a call from Mark saying that Grace wanted to meet them. Davis surprised them that he got Ryan, Mark, and Grace tickets to the Future Technology Explore. Ryan and Mark couldn't track Traeger because they had to spend time with Davis. Ryan went to the convention and saw Veracity won 1st place due to Buzzkill. Ryan had to leave Davis because of Harris' drone attacking him. All the other tech were going after Ryan as well. Ryan and Mark figured out that it wasn't Ryan he was after, the tech were after Veracity. Davis wondered why Ryan left so Ryan went to Davis whilst Mark protected Veracity. Ryan told Davis that to give him space which hurt Davis' feelings. Georgia helped Ryan, Mark, and Veracity from the tech. Ryan and Veracity used Buzzkill to destroy the tech. Ryan apologized to Davis about what he said earlier. Harris apologized and didn't know that the nanobites could spread to other techs.

In Versus Traeger, Ryan and Spyder were shown by Harris and Leo the new weapon they've been working on which could defeat Traeger. Mark arrived and told the others that Traeger was spotted in the city. Ryan, Harris, Mark, and Spyder couldn't go in Mech-X4 to fight Traeger because he was 20 feet underground. Ryan, Harris, Mark and Spyder found the military guards unconscious in the Secret Government Weapons Facility. The team split up so they could find Traeger. Traeger found Ryan and Mark. Harris and Spyder used the weapon to destroy Traeger and Ryan and Mark joined in. Traeger escaped. However, the team found him again. Ryan, Harris, Mark and Spyder had to retreat because Traeger transformed into a monster. Mark went back to shut all the power and Ryan, Harris and Spyder were going to fight Traeger. Ryan tried using all their weapons against Traeger's monster form but didn't work. Harris injured himself even more and Traeger escaped. Harris came up with an idea that would help the team. Ryan, Mark and Spyder were in the robot and revealed they were the pilots and need Veracity's help.

Powers and Abilities


  • Technopathy - Ryan has a unique ability of being able to control technology using his mind. He is capable of controlling the both small, simplest appliances (such as lamps) or even bigger, heavier things (such as missiles and Mech-X4). People who have Technopathy are known as Technopaths and when using this ability, the irises of his eyes glow a light blue color. However, Ryan cannot control technology that isn't turned on.
    • Explosion Inducement - Ryan is capable of making technology and electronics explode with his mind. This is a common effect of his power as he did it with phones, droids, missiles, etc. However, using this ability too much can cause mental pain or stress and can often time make him weak. (Let's Survive in the Woods!)
    • Remote Control - Ryan is able of controlling MECH-X4 from outside the robot for short periods of time. His ability gradually improved when using it constantly. (Let's Go Clubbing!)
    • Electrokinesis - Ryan has the ability to manipulate electrons allowing him to mentally interface with technology as well as generate energy. He sometimes, though, uses this ability for offensive purposes, as he did in the Harper tech data core room when he manipulated the electricity into a bolt to knock back an enemy.


  • Hand-to-Hand Combat: Ryan has shown multiple types and forms of combat without using his powers.


  • Mech X4 Link: While controlling Mech X4, any damage that the robot sustains reflects itself appropriately on Ryan until fixed.
  • Emotional Turmoil: If Ryan is experiencing huge emotional turmoil, his powers will become uncontrollable and short out until the emotional turmoil is resolved.
  • Technopathic visions: The very same visions seen by Ryan to lead him Mech-X4, were broadcast by a device created by Leo. These visions can be used against Ryan, and can incapacitate him. This method was first used by Versus Harper's Ghost .


Mark Walker

Mark is Ryan's adoptive (Ryan is adopted, not Mark) older brother. They are quite the opposite, since Mark is a confident athlete while Ryan isn't. However, Mark has shown to be there for his brother despite his popularity and vice-versa. Mark has shown to care deeply about Ryan and showed great concern when Ryan almost got brain damaged when he traveled into Harper's brain and was stuck in there for too long. Mark also broke down into tears in the episode versus the arctic when Ryan chose to stay in the robot as it was about to be destroyed by Traeger.


Harris is one of Ryan's best friends and the intelligent one of the four. Ryan was deeply concerned and shocked when he thought Harris was dead in Let's Call It Mech-X4!. They might not think alike sometimes, but they always have each others' backs.


Spyder is one of Ryan's best friends and the daredevil of the three. Instead of training and being responsible, like Harris probably prays for every day, he and Ryan like having fun and being reckless (like playing hockey with a monster heart). Ryan felt bad for doubting Spyder in Let's Get Some Air! after Spyder gave up his one chance to hangout with Cassie, his crush, to help his friends out in a time of need.


— Ryan Walker
I'm a hero, Leo. And I'm gonna do what any hero does with a secret identity...I'm gonna lie to my mom!
— Ryan Walker


  • He is a technopath.
  • He is the pilot of Mech-X4.
  • He uses skateboarding as a way to unwind.
  • He loves to camp.
  • He has a habit of saying "I love you, bye!" really quickly when he's nervous.
  • His nickname is "Ry Guy", which is only used by his family and close friends.
  • He still wears the "Save Spyder" t-shirt that was made to support a crowdfunding campaign to fix Spyder's leg.
  • He still has his childhood teddy bear, Mr. Woobie, which Principal Grey thinks he's too old for.
  • He likes playing pranks on people to get back at them, but it doesn't always work out for him.


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