Ryan and Harris is the pairing between Ryan Walker and Harris.


Ryan and Harris (including Spyder) have been a trio of best friends before they were a Mech-X4 team.


Season 1

Let's Call It MECH-X4!

  • Ryan and Harris (with Spyder) activate the power of Mech-X4.
  • Harris disagreed with Ryan (also Mark and Spyder) when they were about to reveal their identity.
  • When Ryan thought Harris died, he blamed himself for it.

Let's Get Some Air!

  • Ryan noticed Harris was acting differently.
  • Ryan (with Mark and Spyder) wanted to cure Harris.
  • Harris' monster voice goes off when Ryan (with Mark and Spyder) don't get the Primorphous Core.
  • Once Harris ran away from Ryan (and Mark), Harris found Ryan and attacked him.
  • Ryan gave Harris the antidote to turn him back to normal.

Let's Open The Monster Heart!

  • Harris wanted Ryan (and Spyder) to stop playing with Jaguasaur's monster heart.
  • Ryan and Harris (with Mark and Spyder) fought Clawboon.
  • Harris made up a plan for Ryan and himself (with Mark and Spyder) to go to Harper Futuristic.
  • Ryan and Harris (along with Spyder) got caught by Seth.

Let's Be Idiots!

  • Harris was creating the X-Weapon for Ryan to use.
  • Harris advised Ryan to do skateboarding so he would relax.
  • Harris told Ryan (and Spyder) he created an app which could detect monsters through news feed.
  • When Ryan was going to use the Gravity Pucks to beat Jimmy Wilson, he reminded Ryan that was cheating.

Let's Survive in the Woods!

  • Ryan and Harris (with Spyder) were going camping.
  • Park Ranger Jeff took Ryan and Harris (with Spyder's) phones.
  • Ryan and Harris (with Spyder) agreed on getting revenge on Dane because he pretended to be the Bay City Butcher.
  • Ryan and Harris (along with Spyder) got taken by Park Ranger Jeff.
  • After Ryan and Harris (as well as Spyder) escaped, they cycled back to the Abandoned Ferry to see Jaguasaur dragging Mech-X4 out of the Ferry Hanger.

Let's Get Our Robot Back!

  • Ryan and Harris (and Spyder) went to Leo's caravan to see how they can track Mech-X4.
  • Harris suggested to going to Project Starry Night Headquarters because they have strong satellites.
  • After they rescued Mark, Ryan and Harris went to fight Jaguasaur.

Let's Get the Big Bad!

  • Ryan brought Grey aboard Mech-X4, Harris (with Mark and Spyder) didn't trust her.
  • Ryan and Harris (with Mark and Spyder) helped fought off Morris and Seth's henchmen.
  • Ryan and Harris tried to track the Mastermind by Ryan calling the Mastermind whilst Harris was finding his location.

Let's Deal with Our Stuff!

  • Ryan told Harris (and Spyder) about finding out that Ryan was adopted.
  • Harris (and Spyder) realized that Ryan's technopathy started glitching.
  • When Ryan called Harris' idea wrong, it baffled Harris.
  • Harris (and Spyder) advised Ryan to tell Mark he's adopted.

Let's Get Some Answers!

  • When Harris mapped Leo's coordinates, he told Ryan (with Spyder and Mark).

Let's Get Leo!

  • Harris informed Ryan (and Spyder) he made MECH-Link for the team and he added a sub mode.

Let's Dig Deep!

  • Leo informed Ryan and Harris (along with Mark and Spyder) informed there is a huge Primorphous gel pocket.

Let's Destroy Some Ooze!

  • Ryan and Harris (with Spyder) were scanning where the monster ooze is under Bay City High.
  • Harris found out how deep the ooze is and told Ryan (with Mark and Spyder).
  • When Ryan and Harris (with Mark and Spyder) were going to plant the antidote, Chameleo Wasp attacked them and knocked the antidote out of Mech-X4's hand.

Let's End This! Part One

  • When Harris wanted to go to Harper Futuristics, Ryan backed Harris up when Mark doubted him.
  • When Harris (and Mark) returned back, they told Ryan (and Spyder) that Seth built a huge Primorphous Core.

Let's End This! Part Two

  • Ryan and Harris (with the rest of the team) had to hide from the military.
  • Ryan and Harris (also Mark and Spyder) fought Seth's monster.
  • Ryan and Harris (along with Mark and Spyder) were on the head of Mech-X4 watching Cassie.

Season 2

Versus The New Evil

  • Ryan and Harris (with Mark and Spyder) found Chameleo Wasp.
  • Harris told Ryan (along with Mark and Spyder) that tomorrow was their first day at East Bay City High.
  • Ryan and Harris (also Mark and Spyder) got detention by Principal Dent.
  • Once they got out, Ryan and Harris (with Mark and Spyder) went to monitor the military taking the ooze.

Versus The Deep

  • Ryan told Harris (and Spyder) he got a vision about Grey and Insectashark.
  • Ryan told Harris (with Mark and Spyder) that they have an ally on their side.

Versus The Outbreak

  • Ryan and Harris (also with Mark and Spyder) fought off the infected students.
  • Harris gave Ryan the data core that Veracity.

Versus Harper's Ghost

  • Ryan told Harris (and Spyder) that he kept on seeing Seth.
  • Harris advised Ryan to do skateboarding.
  • Ryan and Harris (and the team) went to rescue Seth from Grey.
  • Ryan and Harris (with Mark, Spyder and Seth) fought Arachno-Rhino.

Versus The Mountain

  • Harris (and Spyder) helped Ryan get to Randall Anthony, Ryan's biological father.
  • Harris (and Spyder) informed Ryan that the mountain was collapsing.
  • Ryan and Harris (with Spyder) got back to Bay City just to find out that Bay City was losing power.

Versus The Dark Night

  • Harris told Ryan (with Mark and Spyder) that there is power coming from Veracity's house.
  • When Harris (and Spyder) got inside Mech-X4, Ryan and Harris (along with Mark and Spyder) found Traeger and Grey.
  • Harris told Ryan that Traeger's power was supreme.

Versus The Tech Army

  • Harris created drones which could track Traeger and Grey.
  • When Harris (and Spyder) got a possible match on Traeger, Spyder wanted to tell Ryan but Harris didn't want to because he was spending time with Davis.

Versus Traeger

  • Harris (and Leo) showed Ryan (and Spyder) the new weapon that could destroy Traeger.
  • Ryan and Harris (with Mark and Spyder) went to the Secret Government Weapons Facility to find Traeger.
  • Ryan and Harris (with Spyder) fought Traeger in Mech-X4 but he was too powerful.

Versus Velocity and Veracity

  • Harris wanted Ryan to tell him how the simulation went with Veracity.
  • Ryan told Mark that he had to go save Harris because he was controlling Mech-X4.

Versus The Arctic

  • Ryan and Harris (with Mark, Spyder and Veracity) fought Traeger but Traeger tricked Mech-X4 to hit the ooze pocket in the Arctic.
  • When Traeger was about to destroy Ryan, Harris used the weapon, that could destroy Traeger, against Traeger.

Versus The Wolves at the Door

  • Harris (along with Mark, Spyder and Veracity) tried to find Ryan.
  • Harris attacked Ryan when he was about to attack Mark.

Similarites and Differences


  • Ryan and Harris are both best friends with Spyder.
  • They both attend the same schools.
  • They are both in the same year group.





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