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Season 2 of Mech-X4 was announced on September 1, 2016.[1]


A heroic team of four teenage boys who take on the responsibility of controlling a giant robot in order to protect their city from danger.

Ryan Walker, a freshman at Bay City High who has technopathy - the extraordinary ability to control technology with his mind. His talent mysteriously awakens MECH-X4, a giant 120-foot robot built by an elusive genius-in-hiding to defend their town against impending doom. Ryan recruits his two best friends and his older brother to help him operate MECH-X4. When monsters suddenly begin to descend upon their city, the four must quickly learn to work as a team in order to pilot the robot that is their only hope of saving their town, and ultimately the world, from mass destruction.


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Confirmed dates

These are episodes that have confirmed titles and dates.

Unconfirmed dates

These are episodes that have been confirmed, but the airdate is unknown.

  1. 201 (2??)


  • This season was confirmed by Disney before the series began.
  • This season will feature Alyssa Jirrels in a leading role.[2]
  • Pearce Joza directed a scene this season.
  • According to the stars on Twitter, we'll be seeing more of the robot this season.


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