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Season 2 of MECH-X4 was announced on September 1, 2016.[2] It premiered on September 9, 2017.


With Bay City High gone, Ryan, Spyder, Harris and Mark find themselves navigating the pitfalls of adolescence in a new school, East Bay City High. While Mark tries to reclaim his star athlete status, Ryan tries to use his technopath powers to help him, Spyder and Harris adjust to being freshmen at the rival school.[3]


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Confirmed dates

These are episodes that have confirmed titles and dates.

  1. 09/09/17 - Versus The New Evil (201)
  2. 09/09/17 - Versus The Deep (202)
  3. 09/09/17 - Versus The Outbreak (203)
  4. 09/09/17 - Versus Harper's Ghost (204)
  5. 09/09/17 - Versus The Mountain (205)
  6. 11/04/17 - Versus The Dark Night (206)
  7. 11/04/17 - Versus The Tech Army (207)
  8. 11/04/17 - Versus Traeger (208)
  9. 11/04/17 - Versus Velocity and Veracity (209)
  10. 11/04/17 - Versus The Arctic (210)
  11. 03/25/18 - Versus The Wolves at the Door (211)
  12. 04/01/18 - Versus The Thirty (212)
  13. 04/08/18 - Versus Miami (213)
  14. 04/15/18 - Versus The X-Weapon (214)
  15. 04/22/18 - Versus Sabotage (215)
  16. 07/23/18 - Versus The Monster Within! (216)
  17. 07/30/18 - Versus The Betrayal (217)

Unconfirmed dates

These are episodes that have been confirmed, but the airdate is unknown.

  • TBA


  • This season was confirmed by Disney before the series began.
  • This season will feature Alyssa Jirrels in a leading role.[4]
  • Pearce Joza directed a scene this season.
  • According to the stars on Twitter, we'll be seeing more of the robot this season.
  • Similar to last season, each episode title starts with the same word. Last season it was "Let's!" and this season it is "Versus." However, some episodes does not include it in this season.
  • Veracity — the brilliantly fierce science rival of Harris who fans fell in love with in season one—becomes a series regular. She not only helps the guys adjust to their new school, but she joins the heroic team to help control the 150-ft robot MECH-X4.
  • The opening theme changed this season, adding Alyssa Jirrels to the credits.


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Season 2 Teaser - MECH-X4 - Disney XD

Season 2 Teaser - MECH-X4 - Disney XD


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