It thrusted...and now it's busted!
— Spyder in Let's Get Some Air!

Spyder is a main character in Mech-X4.

He is portrayed by Pearce Joza.


The second of Ryan's life-long friends, Spyder is all boy. The minute they drop into Mech-X4 he calls all the "explody stuff" his and hasn't stopped exploding things since. When he's not torpedo-ing monsters, blowing up streets, or attempting to use Mech-X4 technology to launch a shopping cart over the bay... well, that's mostly what he does. Like everybody else, Spyder is in this to help Ryan find his secrets and save the city. But if he can have a little fun and cause some destruction in the process, all the better.


Spyder has a very crazy personality and likes to do daredevil-like things. He seems to be very destructive, as he enjoys using weapons.


Season 1

In Let's Call It Mech-X4!, Spyder with Ryan and Harris activates the power of Mech-X4 and uses it to fight their first monster. Spyder along with Ryan and Mark believe that they should reveal their identity to the world for fame. However, Harris shows them they can't because it there enemies would know who they are.

In Let's Get Some Air!, Spyder arrives in Mech-X4 when Ryan sent him a message to come ASAP. Spyder told them that he saw the "monster heart" in the first battle when they defeated the first monster on Cassie's video. Spyder, Ryan, Harris and Mark go to the forest where the monster heart dropped at and they find out that the monster ooze had dried off. When Harris' monster voice tells him it was his fault, he leaves and goes repairs Mark's rocket that he broke. Spyder goes back to school to fix Mark's rocket and Cassie thought that the rocket Mark built was from MECH-X4. Spyder lies to her and said it was his stunt he was going to do and Cassie was going to film the stunt. Spyder stalls because he doesn't know how to do a stunt. Spyder gets the text and his location and goes off and fixed the Arm Cannon.

In Let's Open The Monster Heart!, Spyder and Ryan were playing with the Primorphous Core until Harris told them to stop. When they carried on, they activated the signal on Principal Grey's computer. Harris and Spyder were trying to open the Primorphous Core, but nothing could get through it. Harris and Spyder then joined Ryan and Mark whilst they were testing out the repairs. Ryan had to retreat due to the monster being too powerful. Harris makes a plan to go to Harper Futuristics to open up the monster heart to find out who is sending Mech-X4 monsters. Ryan, Harris and Spyder get caught by Seth and he orders them to leave. When Seth questions them about why they were in Harper Futuristics, they lied to Seth by saying they found the Primorphous Core and wanted to experiment it by themselves. Spyder and Harris leave the building while Ryan goes back for the Primorphous Core.

In Let's Be Idiots!, Ryan was talking with Harris and Spyder about the trick he has to do to beat Jimmy Wilson, who has won the Skate-Off 3 years in a row. Harris showed them the app he made that can tell them when a monster attacks. When Spyder and Ryan were at the competition, Spyder was filming Ryan do the trick. They get interrupted by Jimmy who boasts about his skills and being a "jerk" to Ryan. Spyder reminded Ryan that he was doing this to relax, but Ryan still wanted to beat him in the Bay City Skate-off. Spyder and Ryan returned to Mech-X4. Principal Grey upgrades Jaguasaur. They managed to save the citizens of Bay City, but the monster got away. They got back to the competition and Ryan learnt that he didn't need to win and he showed off his tricks to the skaters.

In Let's Survive in the Woods!, Spyder, Ryan and Harris were going camping. Spyder and Harris got scared about going camping because of The Butcher. Mark and Dane taunted them about the Butcher and now Spyder and Harris were even more scared. Later, they arrived at the woods. Park Ranger Jeff took their phones. Ryan insisted on getting the phones back. They tried to get their phones back, but Jeff caught them. Since Jeff took their phones, Spyder, Harris and Ryan don't know when a monster attacks Bay City. When they left Jeff's cabin, they see the Butcher, but it was Dane is disguise. They wanted to get revenge on Dane ans steal his phone. Harris got taken away by Jeff whilst they were planning. Spyder and Ryan tried looking for him, but Spyder got captured. After Ryan got captured, Jeff threatened to hurt them. They managed to escape using the radio with Ryan's Technopathy. They escaped, but Jeff was following them. Ryan defeated Jeff and they realize that somebody knows they're Mech-X4. Spyder, Ryan and Harris cycled to the Abandoned Ferry and saw that Jaguasaur was dragging Mech-X4.

In Let's Get Our Robot Back!, Spyder, Ryan and Harris go to Leo's caravan to see if they could track Mech-X4. Harris tracked Mech-X4, but went out of range soon after. Harris came up with a plan to go to Project Starry Night Headquarters where they have the strongest satellites. Ryan opened the side door. Whilst they were walking in, Spyder was walking backwards and stepped into a pressure plate which activated an alarm. They get it to the control room unnotice and Ryan used his power to re-positioned the satellite to target Earth. They found Mech-X4's co-ordinates. They found where Principal Grey was keeping Mech-X4 and found Mark dressed as a guard. Guards came and Davage was about to shoot a missile at them. Ryan controlled Mech-X4 to block the missile. They then got into Mech-X4 and used the missiles on Mech-X4 on the guards. Spyder, Ryan and Harris realized that Grey was behind the monsters. Grey sent down Jaguasaur and Ryan defeated it using the Plasma Punch.

In Let's Get Our Robot Back!, Spyder, Harris and Mark don't trust Grey inside Mech-X4. Ryan convinced why they should let her on Mech-X4. At night, Principal Grey was still at Bay City High and found at that Morris worked for The Mastermind. More guards came to attack Grey, but Spyder, Ryan, Harris and Mark came in to help her fight off Morris and the guards. Spyder used the Bounce Belt to shield the guards' attacks. They defeated the guards and Spyder, Ryan, Harris, Mark and Principal Grey got Morris' phone. Ryan called the Mastermind and Harris traced his location. Spyder, Ryan, Harris, Mark and Grey found the Mastermind's location. Grey double-crossed them and Ryan was actually double-crossing her. The Mastermind sent Clawboon to attack Mech-X4. Whilst they were battling Clawboon, Grey escaped. Spyder, Ryan, Harris and Mark destroyed the monster. Spyder, Ryan, Harris and Mark found Grey and Spyder shielded Grey's weapon. Grey couldn't hold on and slipped into Clawboon's ooze. After the battle, Spyder and Harris left to go to Donut King to get donuts. 

In Let's Deal with Our Stuff!, Spyder and Harris were talking with Ryan about not telling Mark that he's adopted due to him not wanting to ruin his chances. Harris double-checked the X-Weapon with Ryan and Spyder because he wanted to know if it drained anything. At school, Cassie was interviewing Spyder, but all Spyder did was look at her. During lunch, Spyder was sitting with Ryan and Harris and Spyder and Harris noticed that Ryan's technopathy started glitching. Spyder, Ryan and Harris left to go to Mech-x4. While in Mech-X4, Harris runs a scan on Ryan to check on his technopathy. Harris found out that nothing was wrong with him and figured out that it was about if Ryan told Mark he was adopted. Ryan disagreed and called his idea wrong. This frustrated Harris causing him to leave. Spyder followed him to check he was alright. During the game, Ryan's techno surge goes off and made Mark not score. Harris got an alert on his phone that there's a monster attack and they go with Mark to Mech-X4. Ryan couldn't control Mech-X4 as a result of his surge. Spyder and Harris advised them Ryan to tell Mark that he's adopted. Since Ryan told him, he was able to control the robot. 

In Let's Get Some Answers!, Spyder told Harris to be daring and not to follow the rules all the time. Ryan came in to meet Spyder and Harris and Ryan claimed that he was acting strange. Harris got a match on who wrote Ryan's note and it was Leo Mendel. Spyder got driven by Mark along with Ryan and Harris to Leo's address. They entered inside and found Mech-X3. They went inside Mech-X3 and they found drones about to attack them. Leo OS stopped attacking them when he realized that Ryan was a technopath. Leo OS shutted down Mech-X3. Drones come to attack Spyder, Ryan, Harris and Mark. Mark saved Spyder and Harris by fending of the drones. The drones came in and was about to shoot Harris, Spyder and Mark due to Mech-X3 being on lockdown. The drones stopped shooting when Ryan convinced Leo OS to not destruct Mech-X3. 

In Let's Go Clubbing!, Spyder, Ryan, Mark and Harris were in Mech-X4 were in Mech-X4 watching Harris build his invention. Spyder and Ryan go to Bay City High. Spyder and Ryan were talking about where Leo was. Whilst they were walking, they bumped into a student wearing a Mech-X4's costume. Spyder and Ryan followed him and they found out there was a Mech-X4 fan club. Cassie overheard Spyder and Ryan talking about pilots being in Mech-X4. Cassie went to the fan club to find out more. The fan club allowed Ryan to tell more about the pilots. Dane interrupted Ryan and claimed that the fan club was going to be used by the varsity since the gym was being used. Spyder and Ryan headed back to Mech-X4. Spyder and Ryan called Mark to see what he was up to and about Dane. Spyder and Ryan scared Dane to get the other varsities out of the fan club. Dane thought he received a text from Mech-X4 and wanted to help, but it was actually from Harris. Spyder and Ryan locked Dane in the storage room so he doesn't follow Spyder and Ryan. When they tried to get back to Mech-X4, Cassie interrupted them because she knew that Ryan was one of the pilots in Mech-X4. At the same moment, a fire alarm went out so they were able to escape. Mark bought his Markmobile therefore they could get to Mech-X4 in time. Whilst they were in Mech-X4, Ryan used the Grappling Hook and the Plasma Blast to destroy their projects so it doesn't blow up Bay City. Spyder teased Harris and Veracity about them kissing.  

In Let's Get Leo!, Spyder, Ryan and Mark got the Mech-Link which could call, and create force field. Spyder visited Harris at Harper Grant. Spyder felt like Harris liked it at Harpers better than Mech-X4. Harris' lab partner, Augie, stopped them arguing. When Augie called Harris "buds", Spyder thought that Harris was hanging more with Augie than his friends. Harris disappeared using the Mech-Link and Spyder tried to find him, but didn't. Spyder, Ryan and Mark were in Mech-X4 looking for Leo whilst Harris was monitoring them. Spyder, Ryan and Mark found mines. If Mech-X4 touched them, they would explode. Spyder, Ryan and Mark lost communications with Harris. Ryan agreed on moving on. Mech-X4 hit one of the mines which made Mech-X4 drown and Spyder, Ryan and Mark passed out. They wake up and Harris alerted them that they have 10 minutes before they get squished by the pressure due to them being below Crush Depth. Spyder gave Ryan his Mech Link so Leo can use it. Mark turned the power back on and Ryan got above Crush Depth. Ryan told Spyder and Mark that the Mastermind was Seth Harper.  

In Let's Dig Deep!, Leo told Spyder, Ryan, Harris and Mark that there is a huge pocket of Primorphous Gel. Spyder and Harris put Seth in disguise. Spyder changed into Seth whilst Harris goes back to Mark. Seth was still pretending to be Seth. He had to leave due to his Mech Link about to transform him back. He pretended to be Seth when he saw Ryan, Harris and Mark.  

In Let's Destroy Some Ooze!, Spyder, Ryan and Harris were looking for the center point of the ooze under Bay City High. Spyder went onto the pitch and Mark's coach wanted him to play, but he declined because his grades weren't good enough. In Mech-X4, Spyder, Ryan and Mark learnt how deep the ooze is from Harris. Spyder, Ryan, Harris and Mark were planting to plant the antidote, but Seth sent a monster to attack them and they lost the antidote. Harris put the monster on sonar and they injured it. Cassie and Godfrey were watching and the invisible monster moved which made Cassie and Godfrey think that Mech-X4 shot missiles at Bay City High. Grace went to Harper Futuristics and Ryan planned on getting her back. They went to Harper Futuristics and when they got there, the military was attacking Mech-X4. Ryan retreated and left Harper Futuristics.  

In Let's End This! Part One, Mech-X4 were dodging attacks from the military. Harris activated a new mode that made them invisible to the fighter jets. The Mech-X4 split up and Harris and Mark were going to get Grace whilst Spyder and Ryan were in Mech-X4 just in case if another monster attacks. Leo found one of the missiles inside Mech-X4. They carefully dragged the missile out of the hole in Mech-X4. The missile dropped and was about to blow. Spyder and Ryan threw the missile out of Mech-X4. Spyder and Leo convinced Ryan that he was the right person for a technopath. The military saw Mech-X4 and they carried on shooting missiles at them. Ryan had to use his power to dodge the missiles because Mech-X4's shields were down and the power was out. Spyder and Leo turned the power back on and Ryan used Mech-X4's fist to catch Seth's missile. Harris and Mark returned and told Spyder and Ryan that Seth built a giant Primorpous Core missile which he was planning to put the missile in the ooze at the school. They go in Mech-X4 to stop Seth, but the monster, who was being controlled by Seth's brain, stopped Mech-X4.  

In Let's End This! Part Two, Seth told Ryan, Harris and Mark that they are going to be apart of Seth's world, not Spyder. Grace came into the control room and she saw Spyer, Ryan, Harris and Mark in Mech-X4. Spyder, Harris and Leo left whilst Grace talked with Ryan and Mark. Leo blamed himself for Ryan being in danger, but Spyder and Harris convinced him that it wasn't his fault. Spyder, Harris and Leo were called to the control room. Mech-X4 retreated. Spyder, Ryan, Harris and Mark and Leo made a plan to stop Seth. Mark drove Spyder and Spyder used the Sonic Weapon against Seth. He used the Bounce Belt every time when Seth tried to squash him. Spyder met up with Mark and Seth's monster fell on the Markmobile. Spyder and Mark joined Harris in Mech-X4 and the Primorphous Core missile was thrown back at Seth by Ryan which made the monster turn to ooze. Spyder, Ryan, Harris and Mark were on the head of Mech-X4. They were watching Cassie's latest video about Mech-X4.

Season 2

In Versus The New Evil, Mech-X4 were fighting the monster. They destroyed it. They were hanging out at the lounge. They were watching Godfrey talk about Seth was dead. Spyder, Ryan, Mark and Harris were at East Bay City High. Ryan left to go fit it at the school. When Ryan left to go fit in, Spyder and Harris were talking about whether the principal is a villain like Principal Grey. Spyder left to go find out if the principal is a secret villain. Spyder was later seen with Ryan and Harris. Harris told Ryan and Spyder that they were about to move the ooze from Bay City High. Mark asked Ryan to use his powers against Wade, but he disagreed and took Wade's side. Wade's friends and Spyder, Ryan, Mark, Harris and Dane started fighting. The principal gave Spyder, Ryan, Mark and Harris detention. Whilst in detention, they left when Ryan fried the teacher's watch. They entered Mech-X4 and saw that a truck wasn't following the rest of them. They follow the truck to a warehouse and Spyder, Ryan, Mark and Harris came out of Mech-X4. They found out that the driver was Grey and that she survived.

In Versus The Deep, Spyder and Harris were in Mech-X4 and Mark brought Ryan to Mech-X4. Ryan told Spyder and Harris he's been having weird visions about the giant Primorphous Core Seth was about to plant in the ooze at Bay City High and Insectashark. Spyder, Ryan and Harris went to go to Harper Futuristics for more answers. Spyder and Mark entered through the hidden door when Ryan used his power to make the door visible. Whilst Ryan was downloading the files, Spyder spotted Morris and Seth's henchmen. They defeated Morris and the henchmen and Mark managed to obtain the file about Ryan's biological parents. Ryan, Mark and Spyder went to Mech-X4 to destroy Insectashark. The monster was underwater so they needed the Mech Sub. Spyder destroyed the Primorphous Core. Spyder, Harris and Mark fixed the drive that contained all information about Ryan's biological parents.

In Versus The Outbreak, Spyder was with Ryan at the gym. He saw that small gravity pucks were on Mark's shoes which helped him. He claimed it was cheating, but Ryan said that he was helping him. When Spyder, Ryan and Mark were in the hallway, Harris asked for the gravity pucks back without knowing that Mark doesn't have gravity pucks on his trainers. Spyder went with Harris so they don't make it more awkward. Spyder saw that Harris was using his Mech-Link to control the gravity pucks. Spyder and Harris got Veracity's iPad, but it turned out that she had a tracker on her phone which could track the iPad. Spyder noticed that he was the only one that was acting normal because Ryan was cheating and Harris was stealing. Spyder lied that Harris forgot the password and needed to decrypt it. Spyder, Harris and Veracity realized that the students were infected with ooze. Spyder got trapped by one of the infected student. Harris and Veracity freed Spyder and made a weapon out of the things in the computer room. Spyder and Harris left Veracity so they could help their friends. Spyder and Harris found Ryan and Mark. They escaped from the lunch hall and Mark showed Spyder, Ryan and Harris the student he locked in the freezer. The MECH-Link was able to provide recording information on the infected child whether he still had ooze in him. The MECH-X4 team figured out that if they used the Cold Cannon on the whole school, they wouldn't be infected anymore. Spyder and Ryan got into Mech-X4 to use the Cold Cannon on the school.

In Versus Harper's Ghost, Spyder was talking with Harris about if he could jump over East Bay City High. Veracity met up with Spyder and Harris and she suggested that they should build a ramp so it would be easier to jump over. Spyder thought that Veracity was going to meet Spyder because it was a date. Ryan met up with Spyder and Harris. He claimed that he saw Seth but Harris thought that it was because Ryan was stress because Grey was back. Spyder was texting Veracity whilst Harris and Mark were checking on Ryan. The Mech-X4 team found out that it was a vision of Seth and he was trying to say neurosplicer. Spyder, Ryan, Harris, and Mark left to go find Seth. Spyder, Ryan, Harris and Mark tracked both Grey and Seth's location. Grey found the boys but Harris shot an ooze antidote at her. Spyder, Ryan, and Mark left Harris to get Seth. Spyder, Ryan, Mark and Seth found Harris on the floor. They entered Mech-X4 with Seth and defeated Arachno-Rhino. Ryan told Spyder, Mark and Harris that he let Seth escaped and Harris told Spyder, Ryan, and Mark he lost Grey. Spyder texted Veracity he couldn't make their "date". Leo told Spyder, Ryan, Harris, and Mark that he found Ryan's birth father.

In Versus The Mountain, Spyder, Ryan, Harris, and Mark realized that Grey and Seth know who they were. Mark suggested that they need to protect Grace from Seth. Mark was going to help Leo put the Home Defense Unit on Grace's roof. Spyder, Ryan, and Harris found the mountain Randall was in. The mountain was about to collapse. Spyder and Ryan used the Grappling Hook to grab the elevator and bring them back to their industries. Spyder, Ryan, and Harris arrived at Bay City and noticed Bay City was losing power.

In Versus The Dark Night, Mark came in and they all thought it was Grey behind the power shortage. Soon after, Bay City lost all its power. Harris told Spyder, Ryan, and Mark that power is coming from Veracity's house. Spyder and Harris went to Veracity's house and reckoned that she was having a party. Spyder left Harris so he could join the fun at the party. Spyder saw Wade tore Veracity's dad clothes and was going to attempt to do the same thing he did. Other people moved away from Spyder and Harris used that chance so he could see inside the box. Spyder made the people leave. Spyder and Harris saw that a monster was sucking power off Veracity's house. Spyder and Harris went inside Mech-X4 without Veracity looking. Leo came out of nowhere and helped restart the robot's power. Spyder, Ryan, Harris, and Mark went after Grey. They were too late and Traeger stepped out of the ooze. The team ran to the Mech-X4. They got defeated by Traeger, however, he disappeared. Spyder and Harris returned the generator back to Veracity.

In Versus The Tech Army, Spyder and Ryan seen the drones Harris built. Harris told Spyder and Ryan that it could track Traeger and Grey. Whilst still in Mech-X4, Spyder and Harris got an alert that one of the drones found a possible match of Traeger. Spyder wanted to tell Ryan but Harris thought they shouldn't because he was spending time with Davis. Spyder and Harris checked if it was Traeger. Spyder and Harris scanned what they were up to. Harris got the tracker onto Traeger.

In Versus Traeger, Harris and Leo showed Spyder and Ryan the new weapon that could defeat Traeger. Mark arrived and told the others that Traeger was spotted in the city. Harris found the location and the team set off to go inside the Secret Government Weapons Facility. The team couldn't go in Mech-X4 to fight Traeger because he was 20 feet underground. Harris, Ryan, Mark, and Spyder found the military guards unconscious in the. The team split up so they could find Traeger. Spyder got told by Harris that he was more serious on finding Traeger as a result of him losing Grey. Before Traeger could finish Ryan and Mark, Spyder and Harris used the weapon against Traeger. Ryan and Mark used their weapon as well with Spyder and Ryan. Traeger escaped. However, the team found him again. Spyder, Ryan, Harris, and Mark had to retreat because Traeger transformed into a monster. Mark went back to shut all the power and Spyder, Ryan, and Harris were going to fight Traeger. Harris injured himself even more and Traeger escaped. Harris came up with an idea that would help the team. Spyder, Ryan, and Mark introduced themselves as the pilots of Mech-X4.


  • Escape Artist: Due to his experience of being tied up many times, Spyder gained the ability to free himself in just a few seconds.



Ryan Walker

Main Article: Ryder

Ryan is one of Spyder's best friends. They often hang out together and tend to think alike in sometimes, as shown in Let's Call It Mech-X4! and Let's Open The Monster Heart!.


Main Article: Spyris

Harris is one of Spyder's best friends. They often hang out together and get along.

Mark Walker

Main Article: Spyark

Mark is one of Spyder's friends. Though Mark often underestimates him and doesn't even know his name, the two get along and seem to have a somewhat close friendship.


Cassie Park

Main Article: Spysie

Cassie is one of Spyder's crushes. Although she doesn't reciprocate his feelings, he adores her and has even tried to impress her by doing a dangerous stunt in Let's Get Some Air!. He is still shown to have a crush on her in Let's Deal with Our Stuff!, when she was interviewing people for the Seth Harper grant scholarship.


  • Spyder's real name is Connor Johnson.
  • He's similar to Rocket Raccoon from Guardians of the Galaxy in that they're both loose cannons who specialize in weaponry and love blowing things up.
  • He daydreams about Ariana Grande and has visions of cake. (Let's Call It Mech-X4!)
  • According to Pearce Joza, wearing hats helps him concentrate.
  • His Christmas presents last until December 26, according to Harris. (Let's Call It Mech-X4!)
  • He's Jewish. (Let's Call It Mech-X4!)
  • He is the Weapons Specialist inside Mech-X4.
  • Spyder once tried to fix his broken leg in Shop Class. (Let's Get Some Air!)
  • He thinks dog food tastes good. (Let's Get Some Air!)
  • He thinks cat food is disgusting. (Let's Get Some Air!)
  • He likes Cassie.
  • He also likes Grace Walker, which disgusts the rest of the team. Unlike his crush on Cassie, he hasn't mentioned it to Grace. He has told Seth Harper to treat her right and not break her heart.
  • According to him, his mom has a unibrow.
  • He plans weddings. (Let's Be Idiots!)
  • He knows a lot about architecture from reading magazines about it that his parents leave in the bathroom. (Let's Open The Monster Heart!)
  • Seth Harper hates him the most out of the Mech-X4 Team, most likely due to his restless name-calling and occasional stupidity.
  • Spyder's hair is noticeably longer in the second season than it is in the first.


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