Spyder, Spyder, I will not be ditched by freshmen!
Cassie to Spyder

Spyder and Cassie is the friendship/romantic pairing between Spyder and Cassie.


Spyder has had a crush on Cassie for a long time even though she doesn't like him and she is older than him. He always gets flustered around her and tries to act cool in front of her.


Let's Call It Mech-X4!

  • Spyder waved at Cassie, even though she couldn't see him.
  • Spyder wanted to call Cassie.

Let's Get Some Air!

  • Spyder chose hanging out with Cassie over fixing the robot part.
  • He and Cassie had an interview by the lake.
  • Spyder thought that the interview was a date.
  • Spyder was happy that Cassie knew his name.
  • Spyder said that Cassie was his dream girl.

Let's Deal with Our Stuff!

  • Cassie interviewed Spyder about Harper Grant.
  • Spyder was just staring at her whilst she was interviewing him.

Let's Go Clubbing!

  • Cassie thought that Ryan was pilot of Mech-X4 when she overheard Spyder mention pilot.

Let's Destroy Some Ooze!

  • Spyder (with Ryan, Harris, and Mark) watched Cassie's latest video on Mech-X4 destroying the school.

Let's End This! Part Two

  • Spyder (along with Ryan, Harris, and Mark) watched Cassie's video on Gramogram.

Similarities and Differences



  • Spyder likes Cassie, Cassie doesn't like him back.
  • Spyder is a boy, Cassie is a girl.
  • Cassie is older than Spyder.