Traeger is the mysterious primary antagonist the MECH-X4 crew faces in Season 2. He appears to be a
Hand From The Ooze

Traeger Arising From The Ooze

portion of red ooze which has somehow achieved sentience.  

He is portrayed by Dan Payne.  


Apparently created amidst the final battle between MECH-X4 and Seth Harper's creature, Traeger first appears, as a hand rising from a pool of ooze. Shortly thereafter, he establishes a mental link with Kim Grey who recovers his inert form and secrets it into a hidden laboratory, and kidnaps Seth Harper to help her grant her new master the power of mobility. After gaining his full powers, Traeger has begun fulfilling his ambition of world domination.

Powers and Abilities

  • Telekinetic Abilities: He has absolute control over red ooze, which his body is apparently largely composed of. He can even control the substance within Grey's bloodstream to ensure her co-operation. He has also proclaimed, that he can project his thoughts into others. He can also emit waves of energy to knock back his opponents in combat.
  • Monster Form: Traeger can shift his body into a giant reptilian creature, capable of fighting MECH-X4 in hand-to-hand combat. Additionally, he can fire laser-like blasts from his mouth.
  • Super Strength As one of his most noticeable powers, Traeger has unmatched strength. This enabled him to avoid getting crushed by MECH-X and throw it off balance. In Spyder's own word he 'He threw the robot like a rag doll.', and this was while he was in human form.
  • Flight: In his monster form he can energize himself and enable himself to fly, while also hiding himself from MECH-X4's scanners.
Traeger Creature

Traeger In Monster Form


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