Hey guys! I'm doing a Q and A, so if you have any qquestions you wanna ask, let me know!Jamie fluttered her eyes open and noticed she was laying on the ground with Harris looking down at her while she reached her hand up and Harris helped her stand."What happened?" She asked as Harris told her."You passed out for awhile. Ryan and Spyder are both in the infirmary and Mark is trying to fix up the robot. Are you ok?""Yeah. I'm good." Jamie insisted as the last of her dizziness induced headache fade before the two went to the infirmary where Ryan was sitting up, propped against the wall while Spyder was still laying down, unconscious.Jamie sat down at the feet of Ryan's spot before asking."Are you feeling better?""Yeah I am. Mark has fixed up the robot pretty well so far." He told her as she nodded before walking over to Spyder's bed and started running X-rays just as Mark came in with a solemn look on his face as he sighed."Jamie, I'm sorry.""For what?""For pushing you that hard.""Mark, it's fine. I'm ok, Harris is ok, Ryan's ok, and Spyder will be ok.""You don't understand, do you? I could've killed ALL of you, by letting a inexperienced technopath take control!""Was this supposed to be a apology? Cause I'm hearing a insult." She scoffed just as the four heard Spyder groan."He's waking up!" She told them as they crowded them as he groaned."Back up...Ariana? Is that you?" He asked in a daze as Jamie shook her head."Nope. Jamie." She told him just as the scans finished running and she started looking at them. "Alright, this isn't a bad diagnosis. Electrocution, a few minor burns, mild concussion and grade one sprained wrist." She told them as she put his damaged wrist in a splint, wrapped up his head and quickly bandaged the burn on his chest."That's good." He mumbled tiredly as his eyes fluttered while she kissed his forehead, whispering. "Go back to sleep."He did so as Harris realized something."Spyder isn't gonna be able to do weapons with a sprained wrist or a concussion and it another monster attacks, then we're dead meat."Mark, Ryan and Jamie all looked at him, Mark and Ryan annoyed at him for stating the obvious while Jamie looked curious as to how he knew that, making him reply."What? I know stuff.""So what was wrong with Mech-X4?" Jamie asked."Bunch of parts had fallen off or had snapped in half. Luckily, I got it fixed." Mark told them."Ahh!" Ryan screamed as he held his forehead, concerning the other three as Jamie supported him while Mark asked."What's wrong?""I-I don't know!" He yelled as he cried out again while clutching his head again while he blinked furiously like he was trying to clear his vision before he relaxed and was able to stand up straight again."What was that?" Harris demanded as Ryan sighed."I know where we need to go next."