Warning, this story may get gory, so if you can't handle blood or injuries, do not read.

"Guys!" Spyder yelled as he ran up to Ryan and Harris. "I've got a girlfriend."

"Cassie?" Ryan guessed as Spyder shook his head before a girl with auburn hair and green eyes walked up before he put his arm around her. "Meet Jamie."

Jamie smiled as Ryan politely waved awkwardly before grabbing Spyder and dragging him away.

"You had better not tell her about Mech-X4. She'll freak otherwise."

"Not to mention, put everyone in danger." Harris added.

"Relax guys, she just moved her from Canada, so she had no idea about Mech-X4. I promise. And I won't tell her, no matter how much it will impress her."

"Ok then." Ryan agreed as they turned around to see that she was passed out, making Spyder scream.

"Jamie!" Before whispering. "We gotta take her to Mech-X4."  

"Are you insane?!" Both Harris, Ryan and Mark, who had shown up after she had passed out all screeched in a hushed whisper.

Just then, principal Grey came out, gasping at the sight.

"Who hurt the new student?!" She demanded.

Just then, Jamie groaned as Spyder held her hand and helped her up.

"Are you ok?"

"Y-yeah." She replied as Spyder gently helped her stand with her leaning on him. "What happened?"

"I-I was waiting on you guys, when I decided to get a snack out of the vending machine, only to release I didn't have any money, so I just looked at it, and a bunch of snacks started falling out. It was almost like I could control it with my mind."

Ryan's, Mark's and Harris's eyes widened as Spyder helped her over to one of the benches while Principal Grey continued to interrogate students.

"We gotta take her." Spyder insisted as Ryan sighed.

"Fine. But only because of what happened." 

"Where are you taking me?" Jamie asked.

"Our super cool hang out!" Ryan insisted.

"Ok then." She smiled before hugging Spyder as she went to class.

"Well, that was awesome!" Spyder grinned.