Chapter 6.The three boys got in Mark's car as he parked a few blocks away from the mine where there were several men, including a tall one with scars on his right eye as Harris whispered in realization."I recognise him. He's been coming to the school a lot.""That must mean the person who took the monster heart is at the school!" Ryan whispered as the man got on a four wheeler."Let's go!" Harris insisted as the three boys started running before Mark and Harris both yelled while two guys grabbed them, making Ryan turn around in fright as Mark yelled."Keep going, Ryan!"Ryan nodded as he ran as fast as his legs could take him while people yelled behind him. However, a little while afterwards, his head pounded, sweat dripped down off his face onto his lips and in his eyes as he finally was able to duck behind a tree and text Jamie.Ryan: We need back up! Bring Mech-X4! Harris and Mark are-He panicked as he hit send and was grabbed by the hoodie by the very man they were following."You must be Ryan Walker." He chuckled as he picked up the phone and turned it to Ryan's face as he shook him violently while asking."Who is Jamie?""I'm not telling you!" He yelled as the man grew furious as he pocketed the phone before knocking Ryan out and placing him on the four wheeler, driving back to the mine.Meanwhile, Jamie was on the phone with her grandma, since Spyder was resting and she had to tell her she was "staying at Cassie's" before she got a text."I gotta go, grandma. We're gonna watch a movie now. Love you too. Bye." She hung up then checked her messages and saw it was from Ryan and as she read, she felt her palms get sweaty and panic rushing through her head as she read."We need back up! Bring Mech-X4! Harris and Mark are-"Jamie immediately ran into the infirmary and sighed as she kissed Spyder's forehead before connecting herself to Mech-X4."Mech-Execute!"