Hey guys! The new episode inspired me to write this, so I hope you like it! Also, I heard somewhere that Spyder's real name is Connor, so I'm just going with that.

And now, on with the story!

Chapter 8.

"And, we're here. I think. We were trying to get to the Bay City mine, right?" Spyder asked as Jamie stood up, peering outside the head, nodding.

"We'll just hide the robot and I'll go find the boys." She told him as he looked at her in shock while she manned the controls.

"I'm helping you, Jamie."

"No, you're gonna stay here, and come get us if we're not back in half a hour. You're injured, Spyder, and I don't want you to get hurt again. As your girlfriend and your doctor, you will stay here and not follow me. Understand?" Jamie asked as Spyder sighed.

"On one condition. A goodbye kiss?" 

Jamie rolled her eyes playfully as she placed her lips on his softly before breaking off a second later and leaving, but as soon as she was out off his line of vision, he got out of the robot and quietly snuck in.

Meanwhile, Mark, Harris and Ryan were still held captive by Davage, and trying to escape before Mark saw a familiar patch of auburn hair poke out before whispering to Ryan.

"I think I just saw Jamie."

Davage immediately got in their faces, seeming to have heard what they said.

"Jamie, huh? WHO IS SHE!?" He yelled before he fell face first in front of them, and there was a guard, holding their gun, before taking off their mask.

"She just kicked your butt." She replied with a snark before starting to untie the boys. "Are you guys OK?"

"Bruise there, scrape here. No big deal." Ryan smiled as she finished untying him and he immediately started untying Harris

"I'm still checking you three out when we get back to Mech-X4."

"You figured out how to use your technopathy?" Harris asked as he and Mark were let up just as the alarms started going off.

"I'll explain later, but RUN!"

The four started running towards the robot, the boys fearing for their lives and Jamie just hoping Spyder heeded her warning.

Meanwhile, the brunette teenager was sneaking in the woods before he saw his teammates run past him in a flash, but as he started running, he felt someone grab the back of his vest, making him yell as he was turned around and face to face with...

"Principal Grey?!"

"Hello, Connor. Nice to see you again." She smiled sweetly before his vision went black.