My brain is fast and furious.
— Veracity to Harris in Let's Go Clubbing!

Veracity was a recurring character in Mech-X4 and is currently a series regular in season two. She is portrayed by Alyssa Jirrels.


Veracity is confident, intelligent and well aware of her intellectual abilities. She is determined and not afraid to stand up for herself, shown when she shot down Dane in Let's Go Clubbing!. Even though she can appear somewhat full of herself, she is not a bad person and will think on her feet in times of need.



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Veracity and Harris are longtime rivals/frenemies. They both strive to be the most intelligent kid in Bay City, and as of such butt heads on many occasions. However, they work together in the face of danger and seem to have a more playful relationship than a hateful one.


  • She competed in a chess competition with Harris two years prior to her first appearance, to which she won.
  • Veracity has been confirmed by her actor, Alyssa Jirrels, to be a series regular in Season 2.


Season 1

Season 2


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